5 UK-Based Abaya Designers Who Are Redefining Modest Fashion

The abaya has long been a symbol of modesty throughout the Middle East. Although traditionally, this garment was simply black, today it serves as inspiration to contemporary designers across the region.

Due to this, modern abayas have been reimagined with more daring colors, silhouettes and fabrics. Here are 5 UK-Based Abaya Designers Who Are Redefining Modest Fashion to give you a stylish alternative.

1. Sabina’s Instagram

Sabina, one of the many abaya designers on the London fashion trail, has amazed us with her latest collection and is proving herself to be an impressive contender to her illustrious predecessors in hijab design. Born and raised in Dubai, this true fan of Islamic fashion has built her business upon hard work, dedication and an admirable appreciation of design - earning her 5 million followers on Instagram alone! As what has been dubbed as UK's first female digital fashion pioneer - Sabina aims to prove that hijab does not have to limit social status or career opportunities!

2. Leenalghouti

Modest fashion has long been a niche market, but that is beginning to shift. As Muslim consumers gain confidence in their faith and reframing the narrative around modesty, it has become an attractive target for retailers. Furthermore, millennials dubbed Generation M are expected to make up the largest portion of this consumer group as they reinvent traditional dress in stylish yet understated ways.

With so many brands targeting Generation M and the growing halal consumer, it's essential for them to include accurate cultural and religious representations in their collections. Retailers must conduct extensive research in this space in order to guarantee they provide items which appeal to their target market.

Thanks to a growing movement of modest fashion influencers, modesty doesn't have to mean boring or unattractive. These Muslim women are showing that modest clothing can be just as fashionable as anything else on the high street.

These abaya designers are revolutionizing the definition of modesty. Rather than simply covering up, they're taking both the hijab style and fabric combinations to new heights with vibrant colors, patterns and combinations.

Are you searching for some new inspiration to wear your hijab with confidence? Look no further than Leenalghouti's Instagram feed! Her outfits are expertly curated, providing a fresh take on modest dressing that will give you an entirely new perspective on how to style your hijab with style.

At 1309, she is on a mission to modernize the abaya by making it more accessible and effortless to wear. She believes that the abaya has become an iconic symbol of fashion that should be part of every woman's wardrobe - not just those with money to spare.

3. Saara Azai

The abaya is an iconic and long-lasting piece in any woman's wardrobe. Though traditionally black, women are now embracing color - especially in the UK where fashion-forward women are taking traditional modest garments and turning them into expressions of their personality.

The top abaya designers in the UAE are modernizing this centuries-old piece of clothing by applying their contemporary aesthetic. Their designs aren't simply inspired by culture or Islamic beliefs - they are driven by a deep sense of freedom and self-expression.

Saudi-based Orange Blossom takes a contemporary approach to designing the black abaya, using vibrant colors like burnt orange and shocking pink that pay homage to English aristocrat Jane Digby. Torba Studio in Riyadh takes an even more experimental approach with their designs, featuring glow-in-the-dark materials and cosmic prints that speak of the spiritual depths of an abaya's sartorial identity.

Saara Azai, a designer, is passionate about her work and strives to craft custom abayas that showcase each client's individual aesthetic. This means tailoring the design according to each person's figure and personal taste.

She has extensive experience creating custom abayas for high-profile clients such as Madonna and WWE chief brand officer Stephanie McMahon. According to the designer, it is her pleasure to collaborate with clients to help them feel comfortable wearing their abayas while still remaining modest.

The abaya is often worn as a protective layer during religious ceremonies and celebrations, making it an incredibly versatile and functional garment that can be worn to many different events.

4. Sallyomo

Sallyomo, a fashion blogger and Instagrammer with an eye for style, is an inspiring young woman with an impeccable taste. She proves that fashion should encompass more than just following the latest trends; rather, it should be about expressing yourself authentically. When it comes to her wardrobe choices, Sallyomo always keeps things chic: whether it's a tailored coat paired with some strappy heels or midi pencil skirt paired with chic top knot. She displays true confidence through her choice in pieces.

She always chooses the most fashionable footwear, such as Gucci velvet loafers and Fendi monogram heels, to complete her style. Additionally, her style showcases brilliant color choices - essential for any fashionista!

Sallyomo's Instagram feed is filled with carefully chosen outfits that are the ideal blend of edgy and refined. She has perfected layering and shows off her jewelry well, but it's her use of color that sets her apart for any stylish teen. Those wishing to replicate Sally's chic looks can shop her latest collection on her website; what truly sets Sally apart is her commitment to staying true to herself without offending modesty.

5. Nawalsari

Nawal Sari is an inspiring figure in the modest fashion community. With over 239,000 followers on Instagram, she has used her platform to foster a space where Muslim women can express themselves while wearing the hijab, inspiring others to do likewise.

Sari understands the importance of dressing comfortably and stylishly for special occasions like Eid or holidays. She recalls how important it was for her to experiment with her own style when she was a young woman, and believes it's essential to feel confident in your own skin.

Sari is a proud Muslim who always strives to look her best. She believes that embracing one's culture and religion should never be taken for granted, and she wants to use her platform to spread positive messages associated with modest fashion.

Influencers such as Sari, along with designers and brands, are revolutionizing modest fashion. By taking a creative approach to the concept, they're showing that inclusivity is more than just an abstract idea.

Beyond her social media accounts, Sari has also been actively engaging in collaborations with fashion brands to make modest style more accessible. Most recently, she joined forces with online retailer The Iconic to launch their modest edit.

With our carefully curated selection of brands already on the site, it's easy to find pieces that will help you feel stylish and comfortable while adhering to modest fashion trends. Examples include a bright purple maxi dress perfect for layering, as well as an oversized shirt in neutral sand colour that works with any outfit.