A Comprehensive Guide to Abaya Fashion

A Comprehensive Guide to Abaya Fashion

It can be overwhelming if you are new to wearing abaya. However, with a little bit of research and patience, you can learn how to properly wear an abaya and match it with your hijab.


There are several different types of fabrics available to wear for an abaya. Some are more suitable for warm weather, while others are perfect for the cooler seasons. The material chosen should be comfortable and provide a good fit. You should also consider what you intend to wear the abaya for.

Chiffon is a light, transparent fabric that provides an elegant look. This is an excellent choice for summer wear. It is perfect for a modern silhouette and can be styled with funky jewelry.

Linen is another popular option for summer abayas. Linen is a natural fiber that is very durable. While it isn't as fast-fading as other materials, it does have good heat conducting properties.

Silk is another great choice for an abaya. Abayas made from silk are highly durable, but don't look good when worn in the morning. They are ideal for special occasions.

Crepe is another popular option for an abaya. Depending on the quality, crepe can be either thick or thin. If you are looking for a high-quality crepe, opt for a Saudi crepe. Maliki crepe is wrinkle resistant.

Nidha is another top-quality abaya fabric. Nidha is made of 100% polyester. Nidha is extremely comfortable to wear.

If you want to add a bit of sparkle to your wardrobe, choose embroidered chiffon. These can be worn to parties or as a festive dress.

Another type of fabric is jersey. Jersey is often used for dresses and skirts. Because it is stretchy, it gives you a flattering fit. However, you should be careful when wearing it in hot climates.

You can choose between a variety of colors and patterns. There are also plain fabrics for your abaya.


Abayas are a style of outer garment worn by Muslim women. They are made of various materials. Usually, abayas are black, but they are also available in other colors. The styles of abaya vary according to the country or region in which it is worn. For instance, abayas worn in Indonesia and Malaysia are different from those in Turkey.

While the original design of abayas is relatively plain, modern designs are made with sophisticated cuts and graceful stitches. Several abaya designs are decorated with floral patterns. These floral details add some oomph to an otherwise basic abaya.

Abayas are a popular choice for many parties and special occasions. In fact, abayas can be worn over a sleeveless dress to create a funky look. If you are looking for a casual glam look, try an abaya in deep blue.

For a formal event, you can wear a silk abaya with pearl embellishments. Alternatively, you can try an abaya that has net detailing. You can choose an abaya that is embellished with stonework or embroidery.

Most women who wear abayas also wear a scarf. But when it comes to accessorizing, you can make your abaya look extra chic with a tassel belt. Alternatively, you can use a handbag or a statement necklace to make your abaya more interesting.

Another trend for abayas is the use of pastel colors. These colours are refreshing to wear and look great in the summer. Some abayas are available in pastel hues such as pink, green, peach, and cream.

Another trend that is getting attention is the use of a cape-style abaya. This is a perfect way to add flair to a basic outfit.

With these trends, abayas are no longer just for the hijab wearer. Instead, they are worn by women of all walks of life.


Abaya is a traditional Islamic dress that dates back centuries. It is worn by women from different parts of the world, from Africa to Asia.

Today, it is often used as a modest outfit. However, it can also be a fashion statement. Whether you are buying a new Abaya for a wedding or a party, it is important to choose the right style for you.

Abayas come in a wide range of styles and designs. These are generally designed to be comfortable to wear. Choosing an Abaya depends on several factors, including your body type, your personal preferences, and your style.

For special occasions, abayas can be heavily decorated. These can include beads, crystals, sequins, and ribbon. An embellished Abaya adds a unique glow to the dress. Depending on your personal taste, you can even choose to buy a hooded Abaya.

When shopping for an Abaya, it is best to look for one that is made of quality fabric. You should check the length and choose one that is comfortable to wear.

Traditionally, abayas are black. However, you can find them in a variety of other colors. If you are looking for a more versatile color, try neutral shades. Some designers suggest that brighter hues can clash with your skin tone.

You can choose abayas that are tight-fitting, but some prefer loose-fitting garments. This will help accentuate your figure. Depending on the size of the abaya, it may even fall over your chest.

You can also pick abayas that are open. These are usually worn by Muslim women, but they are also used by other women as well. Many people opt for this style because it looks elegant.

Care for your abaya

You can enjoy wearing your abaya for years to come, provided you take proper care of it. The tips below will help you keep it in good condition.

First, check your label. It will tell you which material the abaya is made from and what kind of care is recommended. Depending on the type of fabric, you may be advised to hand wash it or dry clean it.

If you decide to dry clean your abaya, do it in a cool room. Avoid using hot dryers or tumble dryers. They can cause the fabric to shrink and fade the color.

Hand wash your abaya with cold water and mild detergent. Never use hard detergents. Be careful when using a cleaning brush. This can damage the delicate embroidery.

After the washing, rinse the abaya in clean water. Make sure to squeeze out the water. Leave it in a mesh laundry bag for extra protection.

Dry the abaya in a shaded area. Sunlight can damage the fabric. Use a clothes hanger for drying. Velvet or felt hangers are best.

Ironing your abaya is a delicate process. To avoid creases and wrinkles, use the lowest heat setting. A handheld garment steamer is convenient for getting rid of wrinkles in the fabric.

Abayas can be expensive. It's important to know how to care for them so they will last as long as possible.

You should also store your abaya away from direct sunlight. This is especially true for dark colored abayas.

Always pay special attention to the parts of the abaya that are embroidered. If they get dirty, scrub them with a soft cloth.

When washing your abaya, remember that you should never put it in a machine. A machine's active spinning can loosen the stitching and cause unnecessary creasing.

Matching your abaya with a hijab

One of the most stress-free ways to make a great impression at an office presentation is to match your abaya with your hijab. Luckily, abayas and hijab sets come in all kinds of designs. However, you'll need to find one that's the best fit for your body type and style.

Black is an excellent choice for the classic abaya, and you can make it your own. It gives you an air of sophistication, and is the ideal abaya design for the hijab-wearing lady.

You can also pair it with a neutral-colored hijab. If you're looking for a unique color combination, try an all-black outfit with a pop of color.

If you're going to wear an abaya for a casual evening out, consider wearing a sleeveless dress with it. This is a great way to show off your taste in fashion without sacrificing comfort.

The right accessories will make all of the difference. A nice tassel belt will add flair, and help to elongate your waist. Also, a great handbag will help to complete the look.

Another option is a sheer scarf. Adding a flurry of fabric or tassels will give you a modern take on the abaya dress.

Embroidered details are another thing to remember. Try to stick to a few to keep the effect from overpowering the whole look.

For a truly impressive look, do not forget the right combination of colours. You can go as conservative as you want, or as bold as you like.

You can also mix and match your abaya with other pieces of clothing. In fact, many street style stars have made abayas their own.

There are hundreds of ways to wear an abaya, and you'll be able to find the perfect one for you.