Abaya Fashion - How to Wear Your Abaya in a Stylish Way

Abaya Fashion How to Wear Your Abaya in a Stylish Way

In this article, you will find some advice on how to wear an abaya in a stylish way. For example, you can choose to wear your abaya open, with a matching belt. You can also opt for bold cuffs, floral prints, and two-toned colors.


The white abaya is an elegant piece of clothing. It can be worn to both formal and informal events. You can easily find a variety of abayas at different price points. Abayas are a perfect combination of modernity and tradition.

White is the colour of innocence, purity and light. This color reflects the enlightenment of the wearer's personality. Hence, it is a very popular colour. Besides, it can be styled with any accessories. For instance, you can wear a red lipstick to make the outfit more elegant.

The abaya has gained popularity due to its stylish designs and a variety of colours. In addition, it can be worn by women from various ethnicities and backgrounds.

In recent years, designers have added prints to the abaya. Embossed floral fabrics look extremely elegant. Moreover, they are gentle on the skin.

Printed abayas are also available in a variety of colours. They can be anything, from floral print to polka dot print. However, it is best to accessorize a plain white abaya with simple accessories.

Among the abaya styles, abayas with balloon sleeves have become very popular. These abayas have wide sleeves and beautiful thread-work. Therefore, they are ideal for evening events.

Some abayas come with a detachable hood. This makes it easier to change the style according to the weather.

Depending on the occasion, you can use the white abaya with a variety of accessories. For example, you can wear a statement handbag or flat shoes with open toes.

Whether you wear a printed abaya or a plain one, you can be assured that it will look great. For an elegant touch, you can even wear a silver clutch.


The abaya has become a fashion staple for a variety of reasons. One is the sheer amount of coverage it offers. Another is the versatility it provides, particularly for those with petite frames. Regardless of the reason, it is sure to please, whether you are looking for a casual night on the town or a formal affair. However, if you are looking for a high quality abaya, you'll need to take your time in selecting the right one for you. Luckily, a reputable online store will be able to provide you with a plethora of options. From abayas to abaya dresses, you will find everything from modest to ultra-modern.

Abayas come in all shapes and sizes, from the petite to the curvy. You can even purchase abayas that are reversible, so you can get the look you want, without the hassle. Some designs are even made in different colours, so you can pick and choose. Whether you are looking for an elegant black abaya or a strikingly patterned red one, you are bound to find what you are looking for at HomaQ. This UAE based brand takes its sartorial cues from a mix of modish and sexy. To keep up with the burgeoning Muslim community, they have introduced a variety of fashionable garments, from the sexiest abaya on the market to an eye-catching abaya dress for the ladies of the evening. These are some of the most stylish and versatile abayas on the market, which is why you should buy one.

Floral prints

Abayas have long been an important part of Islamic women's wardrobe. They are a versatile clothing item that can be worn for any occasion. In fact, abayas are one of the simplest and most comfortable outfits to wear.

While abayas are usually black, some of the more colourful ones can be quite the fashion statement. For instance, the bright blue colour can make you look stylish and chic. However, there are plenty of other shades to choose from. The floral print abaya is a popular choice for many reasons.

It's no secret that floral patterns are pretty. Over the years, designers have found ways to combine this aesthetically pleasing pattern with a more modest style. One way is to use abstract prints that don't require any special care. Another way is to incorporate a bit of sparkle.

This can be achieved by adding rhinestones or beads. Embroidered abayas are also an option. These types of abayas are not only pretty to look at, they are functional as well. Having an embroidered abaya means that you will be able to breathe freely.

You can find abayas in just about any color. Some of the best abayas are made of semi-sheer fabrics, while others are made of rich fabrics. Besides, there are plenty of designs to choose from. Moreover, there are a few abayas that are available in different cuts, including leggings, bell sleeves, and more.

It's no surprise that the abaya is not going anywhere. Designers are more than happy to experiment with new looks. With the advent of the internet, you can even browse through an online store to purchase abayas online. And there are several sites that sell abayas in a variety of colours.

Bold cuffs

When it comes to wearing an abaya, there are many styles and colors to choose from. While there are still some traditional styles, such as the long abaya, it's a good idea to keep an eye out for newer designs. For example, the cape abaya is a great way to add a little bit of flair to a plain dress. You can also try pairing your favorite abaya with a sleek pair of ankle strap heels.

The robe abaya is a style that is easy to wear. Its loose kimono sleeves are comfortable to wear. This style can come in all kinds of fabrics, prints, and colors. Some abayas even feature matching belts to accentuate the look.

One of the more popular abayas is the trench coat abaya. It is a great choice for a formal event. The fabric used in this design is sleek and elegant.

Another abaya that is not to be missed is the satin Abaya. This abaya is a classic piece of Muslim fashion. Made from high quality material, it has wide sleeves and a slit down the sleeve. Featuring a hand beaded cuff, this abaya is the perfect mix of form and function.

The satin Abaya is a great example of how a quality garment can make you look and feel like a queen. Often, the abaya is layered with intricate needlework.

The ruffles on the bottom and sleeves are a fun way to spruce up a basic look. The ruffles can be in a variety of hues and patterns. There are even some fashion bloggers who have mastered this simple abaya trick.

When it comes to wearing an abaya, it's important to find the right outfit for your body type and event. Whether you're looking for a modest abaya for your wedding or a stylish abaya for a special occasion, it's time to do your research.

Open abaya with matching belt

An open abaya with matching belt is a classic and elegant look. It can instantly class up any look or event. Whether you are wearing it with a white slip dress or a basic black one, it is versatile and will work with a wide variety of outfits.

Open abayas come in a variety of styles and colours. They are easy to wear and are designed with comfort in mind. Despite their looseness, they are well-made, durable, and can withstand years of continuous use.

Abayas are made from a blend of cotton and other materials. The fabric is comfortable and breathes. This allows the moisture to evaporate.

An abaya with matching belt can be used with a wide range of clothing to create a stylish and figure-hugging look. It is easy to carry, too. Adding a belt to a loose abaya will make it easier to wear it with jeans or other pants. Wearing it with a belt also makes it easier to keep the abaya's silhouette streamlined.

If you're attending an evening event, you can pair your open abaya with a white or black skirt. You can also use the abaya to add a pop of colour to your outfit. Another trend is to wear abayas with sashes. Sashes are a simple way to accentuate your look and to give it a more casual and edgy vibe.

Alternatively, you can try abayas with prints. Floral-embroidered abayas offer a softer, more feminine vibe. However, you can also try abayas with monochrome colours. These colours are a trendy and chic option.

You can even wear abayas with a waist bag. It is a great way to carry your abaya and your other accessories. Matching your belt and waist bag can give you a different look. For a more formal style, you can choose a contrasting colour or embroidery for your belt.