10 Stylish Abaya Designs for Every Occasion

10 Stylish Abaya Designs for Every Occasion

Abayas have long been a modest garment worn by Muslim women around the world. But nowadays they come in an array of stylish designs that will surely make your outfit stand out from the rest.

Women love printed abayas for their elegant flair, which can be styled in various colors to match any taste or preference.

1. A-Line Abaya

Muslimah women have grown increasingly drawn to A-line abayas. With so many designs and colors available, you're sure to find one that complements your individual style perfectly.

This A-Line Abaya from Dubai-based label Hessa Falasi offers an elegant style that will help you stand out in a crowd. Crafted with quality fabric and featuring floral handwork embellishments, it has a simple design with plenty of visual interest.

This abaya features hidden side pockets for practicality and a contrast trim design throughout, adding an elegant touch. Crafted from soft and breathable Nida satin material, it's easy to clean and maintain. Plus, there's a slit on the front placket - available in an array of colors and sizes so you can wear it multiple ways - making it the perfect wardrobe essential!

2. Casual Abaya

If you're searching for an abaya that looks more like a thin coat, the Casual Abaya is your perfect pick. It comes in various colors and can be paired with many different garments.

Casual Abayas are a popular style featuring open and loose sleeves. They come in an array of fabrics, such as cotton and rayon.

Fabrics used for an abaya make a major impact on its look and feel. Linen, for instance, is highly breathable and naturally wicks away moisture.

Earthy colors, which are trending this season, look beautiful on many people. They lend an air of sophistication and charm.

3. Zipper Abaya

The zipper abaya is an ultramodern, sophisticated piece of clothing. Not only does it showcase your personality, but it also provides comfort and style.

This abaya is crafted from high-quality imported fabric with a rich feel and texture. It's flowy, opaque, and features an amazing fall. Additionally, its designer cut makes it look sophisticated - ideal for formal as well as occasional wear!

This black abaya features a center zipper design and comes in many hijab designs to choose from. It's the perfect fashionable choice for dinners, parties and even weddings; an essential item in every Muslimah's closet! Be ready to turn heads wherever you go with matching eyeglasses and friendship band included!

4. Overlap Abaya

No matter the occasion, an overlay abaya is essential. Created in the Islamic fashion tradition, these pieces have become essential staples for all women - especially those working in the workplace. Utilizing this abaya to its fullest can give you a polished and professional appearance, especially in the finance or medical fields. Though an elegant abaya can be an eye-catching addition to your work wardrobe, it should never overshadow other clothing options. Fortunately, there are plenty of stylish alternatives available on the market to keep your ensemble on point. Following these simple guidelines will guarantee that you always look your best at work.

5. Trench Coat Abaya

The iconic trench coat is an enduring icon of outerwear with a long and distinguished history. Created even before World War I, this garment was intended to keep officers warm and dry during combat operations.

Today, the trench coat has become much more than just a garment; it has become an essential element in fashion culture. Many women consider it essential in their wardrobe due to its timeless appeal and perfect hemline length.

Originally designed for military use, the trench coat gained notoriety among celebrities during Hollywood's golden age. Detectives, gangsters and femme fatales donned this iconic garment in iconic scenes from movies such as The Maltese Falcon and Casablanca. Nowadays, designers have reimagined this iconic garment in an array of styles, colors and prints - from khaki and beige to eye-catching metallics - that will ensure every woman has one in her closet!

6. Frock or Gown Abaya

Frock or gown are evening dresses worn to formal or important events. Gowns typically feature luxurious fabrics and can be donned by women of all ages.

Women often refer to a woman's gown as her most precious possession, since it serves as the focal point for special occasions and days.

If you're thinking about investing in a frock or gown, the ideal approach is to select colours that flatter your skin tone. This is especially true if you have a warm complexion as red and yellow shades will provide your skin with an overall glow, making you look radiant all day long!

7. Butterfly Abaya

A butterfly abaya is an essential item in any fashionista's closet. Featuring a full-length zipper in the front and satin trim along the sides and bottom, this garment is both functional and eye-catching.

This abaya looks amazing on any woman, even those with curvier figures. The velvet-lined sleeves boast lycra for extra comfort, while the 25 cm zipped collar allows discreet breastfeeding without compromising style or modesty. Plus, its one-size-fits-all design also includes an easy Velcro waistband for easy dressing. This stylish garment can be paired with any ensemble in your closet to complete the look; choose from fabrics like Rayon, Crepe, Cotton or Nida for inspiration!

8. Simple Abaya

Abayas are versatile outerwear pieces that can be worn for casual, religious, and evening occasions. With an array of colors and styles available to choose from, finding one that suits your personality is simple.

Some abayas feature delicate details and embellishments to make them even more eye-catching. For instance, pearls and net lace fabric add an air of sophistication to the garment.

Another option is to purchase an abaya with a cape. This style is highly fashionable and guaranteed to make you look stunning at any special event.

Abayas come in an array of colors and materials, so it's essential to pick one that flatters your skin tone for a chic yet flattering style.

9. Two-Toned Abaya

A two-toned abaya is an ideal choice if you're searching for a dress that's both comfortable and fashionable. This two toned piece is crafted with the highest quality material available in Dubai, guaranteeing to impress your date, partner, or entire family with its beauty and versatility. This abaya boasts stunning craftsmanship and eye-catching embellishments that will surely turn heads wherever you go. Perfect for the modern woman who wants a stylish abaya that will get noticed, the gimmick of this abaya is its versatility; you can wear it however you please - with matching trousers and belt included so you can adjust its fit however desired.

10. Open Abaya

Add some flair to your Spring wardrobe with an open abaya featuring floral embellishments. They look fabulous over a white dress or casual top, and the embroidered details add an elegant touch to the overall ensemble.

Another way to wear an open abaya style is by pairing it with a belt or sash as an outer layer. This helps keep your ensemble stylish and put-together without exposing too much of your inner get-up, especially for events where modesty is key.

If you're in search of an abaya that will keep you cool in the summer heat, try one made from linen or cotton. Both fabrics boast excellent breathable and moisture-wicking qualities.