Abaya Designers Meet the Talented Designers Behind Your Favorite Abayas

Abaya Designers: Meet the Talented Designers Behind Your Favorite Abayas

Abayas are robe-like garments worn by women throughout the Middle East. They come in an array of colors and styles and can be found at souks and retail stores around the region.

Modern designers are revolutionizing this once-traditional article of clothing by experimenting with fabrics, colors, and designs.


Rafia Helal Bin Drisi founded Mauzan in 1990 as the premier luxury Abaya fashion house in the UAE. Her collections of Abayas, Kaftans, Sheilsas and ready-to-wear lines are infused with Arabian fragrance to provide customers with an exquisite experience.

Mauzan offers sophisticated yet refined designs inspired by classic international haute couture. Utilizing graceful silhouettes and colors sourced from France and Italy, the brand creates timeless masterpieces.

Her abayas are crafted with silk, satin and cotton fabrics with exquisite embellishments such as embroidered panels, crystal embellishments and laser-cut leather flower appliques. She combines these elements with classic cuts for a look that is both versatile and chic.

These designer abayas are not to be missed, especially if you're searching for something unique and eye-catching in a crowd. Additionally, she produces party dresses and kaftans with plenty of shimmery glamour.

Rafia Helal Bin Drai was raised with her father's support in Al Ain, and this inspired her to pursue her artistic aspirations. Their close bond has enabled her to explore art and design more deeply - leading her to pursue a career in fashion design.

She completed her education in art and graphic design at the Ecole des Beaux-Arts, Lyon. There, she learned the fundamentals of painting, sculpture and printmaking. Later she worked as a graphic artist in Turin where she produced posters and postcards for Italy's fledging film industry. Later she worked for Ricordi music publishing (Milan) from 1912-1917 and Magical press (Giovanni Magagnoli) of Milan from 1919-1923.

She was employed by Italian printing and publishing company Maga between 1922-1921 to design several posters for their showrooms in Paris and Milan. These designs, which included Poncio Lupacchioli liqueur in 1922 and Moretti raincoats the following year (1921), became iconic for their witticisms and playful natures.

This talented designer offers her abayas online, so be sure to take a look if you're searching for an eye-catching style to add some zest to your closet! Additionally, she provides various accessories to complete the look.


The abaya is an iconic piece of modest fashion worn daily by Muslim women. It also plays a prominent role in major Muslim festivals like Ramadan and Eid.

Though many are familiar with the classic black abaya silhouette, designers are now exploring creative and contemporary alternatives to this traditional garment to appeal to a wider range of customers.

NAFS, for instance, has transformed the classic silhouette of an abaya into a contemporary design that allows for daring looks while still upholding its functional and modest qualities. The Emirati sisters behind this brand understand what sets their abayas apart from others.

Their abaya designs are not only visually stunning but incredibly functional, offering high-quality pieces that can be worn for years to come. From their Raw line featuring chic streams of distressed fabric and open seam detailing to their Atypical collection featuring ruffles and button down pleating across billowing masses of an abaya, NAFS' willingness to experiment with form without disrupting its function is evident.

Their abayas are highly durable, as they're crafted from premium cotton and silk. Plus, each garment is fully lined for extra comfort and protection from UV rays.

They offer an array of colors to choose from as well. This brand is a must-visit for any hijabi who wants to express their fashion sense while abiding by Islamic dress regulations.

NAFS is driven to produce the highest quality products for their consumers, using only high-end fabrics and materials that last. Beyond offering exquisite abayas, they strive to uphold Islam's values while being an inclusive brand that welcomes everyone.

They have earned a reputation for work-life balance, job security and skill development. To get an inside look at their workplace culture, read reviews provided by employees on AmbitionBox.

HF Boutique

Hessa Alfalasi, founder of HF Boutique in UAE, created this label over a decade ago that has become a leading force in the abaya industry. Their collection features stunning floral laces as well as the latest fabrics and trims to inspire any designer. HF Boutique truly has it all - from stunning floral laces to inspiring fabrics and trims! As an active participant in the e-commerce ecosystem, you can browse a vast selection of high quality yet affordable womens abayas for your closet with ease. Make sure to visit the Hf Boutique clearance section and use the discount code at the top of the page for great abaya deals! Typically, purchase between 12pm and 6pm EST and pick up an hf piece of clothing for as low as $25!


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