Borka Designs Celebrating the Beauty and Diversity of Muslim Fashion

Borka Designs - Celebrating the Beauty and Diversity of Muslim Fashion

For Muslim-inspired fashion, look no further than Borka Designs. Their kaftans are exquisite and unique, and they prioritize design and quality in everything they create.

This exhibition celebrates both the beauty of Muslim fashion, as well as its diversity within this culture. The collection includes designers who are both Muslim and non-Muslim.

Afghani Burqa

The Afghani Burqa is a traditional garment worn by many women in Afghanistan. It consists of a cape section, face veil (niqab), and lower panel made out of cotton, silk or wool and decorated with embroidery.

Afghani Burqas are a popular wedding choice in the region and tend to be expensive purchases as they're meant for life. There are various styles available, but one popular option is an all-encompassing burqa which covers every inch of skin.

While burqas remain popular in some regions, many Afghan women are now opting for a less restrictive option that combines an abaya and niqab. Not only is this style of burqa more comfortable, but it gives them more control over their personal appearance as well.

According to The New York Times, this trend is a response to the sexism that the Taliban perpetrated against women during their rule. They implemented strict laws against them that excluded them from government jobs and secondary education opportunities as well as making it unlawful for women to travel alone.

Under the Taliban regime, women were required to wear the traditional burqa. But after they were ousted from power in 2001, women began taking back their freedoms and wearing a variety of clothing.

In many Islamic societies, women are debated whether it should be required by law. Some argue that wearing a burqa is unnecessary and individual choices should be respected; on the other hand, others argue that its symbol of oppression should be avoided.

Even though the burqa is considered highly conservative, it remains an integral part of Islamic culture and serves as a symbol for femininity in some Islamic countries. While most Islamic countries have banned its wearing, certain regions such as Iran and Saudi Arabia allow it to be worn.


The Abaya is a common garment among Muslim women around the world. Traditionally black, it serves to symbolize Islamic identity; however, there are now an array of color options for this traditional clothing piece.

This long, flowing robe can be layered over everyday clothing for a comfortable outfit in hot weather - particularly when the sun is out. It offers coverage of the body while leaving facial features, hands and feet bare.

The abaya is a common garment among Muslim countries, but it has also gained popularity in Western cultures as women can feel safe and stylish while dressing without worrying about their appearance. Abayas can be paired with jeans or other casual pants; however, for special occasions they look especially stunning when worn over dresses or skirts.

Abayas can be beautifully embellished and tailored, offering both modesty and fashion forward style. Popular designers such as Yves Saint Laurent and Versace create these looks, as well as local designers from Dubai and other Gulf nations.

Recently, abayas have been increasingly infusing Western influence. High fashion western brands such as Dolce & Gabbana have created collections featuring hijabs and abayas - signalling an evolving globalized abaya and an evolving cosmopolitan Islamic identity.

Another popular garment in the Middle East is the chador, an all-black piece of clothing that covers the body. Women around the world wear this garment with either a head scarf or hijab for complete coverage.

The abaya is a long, flowing garment that can be both comfortable and fashionable. It also serves as an effective covering up option when it's too hot outside to go outside; helping keep the body cool and protected.

Are you searching for an eye-catching abaya to add to your closet? Look no further than Borka Designs. Owned by sisters Kia and Keri Borka, the company boasts years of expertise in the fashion industry.

Bottom Burqa

The Bottom Burqa is a classic black burqa featuring an embroidered cap and face piece. Crafted from soft yet not see-through fabric, it makes for comfortable everyday wear. Features include side pockets as well as the Triple Layered Mouth Piece (Hijab). Perfect for work or casual days out, Venetia makes this beautiful Burqa in sizes "XS", 2XL, 3XL and 4XL length options ranging from 50 inches to 64 inches.

The burqa, a full-length robe, allows Muslim women to practice Islamic Sharia law. It conceals their faces in public and shields them from eve-teasing or violence from non-Muslims. Furthermore, wearing the burqa can be easier than traditional hijabs since no makeup is needed - thus becoming widely known as an umbrella term for any veiled body covering worn by Muslims around the world.