Wholesale Abayas Finding Affordable and Stylish Abayas in Dubai

Finding Affordable and Stylish Abayas in Dubai

When it comes to traditional abayas in Dubai, there is no shortage of stores and boutiques offering an extensive selection of designs at reasonable prices. From everyday wear abayas to formal ones for special occasions - these shops have it all!

One of the most sought-after abaya brands in Dubai is "Mauzan," which emphasizes elegance and femininity with their designs. Their abayas feature intricate beadwork, soft fabrics, and flattering cuts.

Al Motahajiba’s

Al Motahajiba's has been around for some time and is considered one of the best places to buy an abaya in Dubai, thanks to their stylish yet comfortable collections that cater to comfort.

Their abayas are crafted with premium viscose, georgette and nidha fabrics that provide ultimate protection from Abu Dhabi's hot climate. Furthermore, they offer an extensive selection of formal abayas, jalabiyas and sheilas to choose from.

The company is renowned for its daring designs and distinctive style statements, making their abayas one of the top fashion items among Arab women in the Middle East. With 36 branches across GCC and MENA regions - 10 located in Dubai alone - this fashion brand continues to set itself apart from competitors.

They boast an impressive selection of abayas, including one featuring Swarovski gem-encrusted designs spotted on celebrities in the city. Additionally, their online store provides customers with various other abaya-related items.

Abaya Mall

Are you searching for stylish yet budget-friendly abayas? Abaya Mall in Dubai is the perfect destination. This three-storey mall specializes in selling traditional dresses for women, plus there are plenty of other shops like jewellers, perfume stores and salons.

The mall boasts some of the city's most stylish and high-end abayas from local and international brands. It's the ideal spot to pick up an abaya for any special occasion or just for everyday casual wear.

Arab women have worn abayas for centuries as a sign of modesty and religious devotion. Nowadays, these garments can be designed to be both functional and fashionable while still adhering to traditional values.

No matter if you're searching for a classic black abaya or something vibrant in an updated style, Abaya Mall has something to suit everyone's taste and budget. Plus, if you need your dream abaya tailored specifically to your measurements, they have expert tailors on-hand who will make it come true.

Louzan Fashion

Louzan Fashion is a luxury brand that specializes in traditional yet modern abayas. Their collection offers various styles such as daily, formal and special occasion abayas.

It also offers a selection of accessories, such as bags and wallets. It has become an acclaimed brand for abayas in Dubai with several branches located at Dubai Mall, Jumeirah 1 and City Walk.

This company is renowned for its elegant designs and intricate cuts tailored to Arab women. Their abayas are made with lightweight layers of fabrics in an array of colors, sizes, and patterns.

The company, located in Al Ain Industrial Area, produces innovative modern designs of abayas and sheilas that are distributed to retail outlets throughout the Gulf Cooperation Council and Egypt. Their website showcases an array of traditional attires that will surely wow any passerby. Moreover, the online store is user friendly with free shipping on all orders as well as various accessories and clothing choices available for purchase.


Abayas are an essential item in every hijabi woman's wardrobe. They symbolize modesty and religious devotion, often worn during special occasions like Ramadan or Eid.

Dubai boasts an expansive selection of abayas to choose from, boasting both local and international brands to suit any style. No matter what you're searching for, chances are good that Dubai has got it in stock!

Kashkha is an affordable fashion brand offering stylish abayas at reasonable prices. Their collections offer an eclectic mix of prints, colors and styles to add some variety to your mostly black abaya wardrobe.

This brand is a well-known abaya designer in the UAE, boasting an expansive retail network with branches located at major shopping malls throughout the country.

This brand offers an exquisite collection of designs and materials perfect for the modern Arab woman. Its collection features flowing fabrics with intricate handwork, sophisticated prints, and embellishments that pay homage to Arab women's rich legacy and heritage.

The brand understands the needs of modern Arab women by offering an elegant range of formal abayas as well as practical ones for everyday wear. Furthermore, they carry an extensive selection of jalabiyas and other modest fashion articles.


Craft tailoring and contemporary designs set this luxury abaya brand apart, making them a must-see if you're searching for quality garments. Their branches in Dubai Mall, Jumeirah 1 and City Walk boast an extensive selection of abayas in various colours and styles.

Abayas are not only affordable, but can be customized according to your preference. This makes them a perfect option for the modern woman searching for an updated wardrobe staple.

Hanayen has been around since 1990 and offers one of the country's largest collections of abayas and sheilas. Headquartered in Dubai's Al Ghurair Centre, their flagship store also has retail locations throughout the UAE as well as two outlets in Oman's Gulf state. Hanayen strives to deliver top-of-the-line product at an affordable price tag to suit all budgets - from tiny abayas to larger sizes - at their top-notch store you won't regret choosing them as your go-to boutique for stylish formal wear!

Abu Hail Centre

If you're searching for affordable yet stylish abayas in Dubai, Abu Hail Centre is your go-to destination. As one of Dubai's oldest malls, it offers an impressive range of shops to suit any taste or budget.

At the centre, abaya shops offer an array of styles and designs from traditional Emirati abayas to more modern butterfly cuts. These stunning dresses come in an array of colours with embellishments, making them the ideal choice for formal events.

In addition to these shops, there are also several other outlets for perfumes and souvenirs in the vicinity. Many of the establishments boast on-site tailors who can assist you with getting the ideal fit for your gown or abaya.

If you're planning a trip to Abu Hail, the Moovit App can help. Use its filters to view available routes and get step-by-step directions. Alternatively, book a taxi or rent a car in Abu Hail for even greater convenience.


Mauzan has been one of Dubai's renowned abaya designers for almost two decades, founded by Rafia Helal Bin Drai and designed to showcase women's inner beauty.

Mauzan's designs perfectly capture the aesthetic of an Abaya as an effortlessly chic piece that can be worn everyday. Her graceful silhouettes, exquisite fabrics and sophisticated embroideries all contribute to making Mauzan a unique abaya designer.

She offers an expansive collection of abayas, featuring contemporary style, pret-a-porter and Haute Couture options. Additionally, she specializes in Arabian perfumes.

Mauzan is an esteemed Emirati retailer with five retail boutiques located across Abu Dhabi, Al Ain and Dubai with another major opening soon. Their luxury abayas, sheilas and Arabian perfumes are designed from Rafia Helal Bin Drai's inspiring dreams; she understands what women desire when it comes to looking and feeling beautiful; thus creating timeless collections that let individuals express their individual styles with ease.


Finding Affordable and Chic Abayas:

UAE-based label Chi-Ka, founded last year by Nemanja and Nina Valjarevic of Dubai, takes inspiration from Middle Eastern sensibility as well as Japanese aesthetics to create hybrid pieces that are understated yet timeless. Their abayas, kimonos and kaftans are made with only the finest materials for an understated luxury look.

Dubai-based brand, Lela Maison, creates beautiful pieces from premium cotton and taffeta with delicate lace and embroidery details. Their robes take months to craft for an exquisite look of femininity and elegance.

Abayas come in an array of cuts and styles, such as frock-style abayas, gown-style abayas and more. Additionally, you'll find them available in different colors, patterns and sizes made from fabrics like silk, satin or wool. Women around the world wear them for modesty's sake; however they have particular popularity among Arab women and North African men. Abayas have become an essential part of Islamic culture and symbolize modesty within Islam.