Modest Workout Clothes For Muslim Women

modest workout clothes muslim

If you want to look cool and stylish while you work out, you can purchase modest workout clothes that are Muslim-friendly. You can find a wide range of these items, from sports bras to sweatshirts.

Medina Activewear

Medina Activewear is a great brand for Muslim women that are looking to exercise. It offers a wide range of modest workout clothes. There are sports hijabs, full body coverage sportswear, and lightweight functional jackets. These items are made with moisture wicking fabrics, making them a great choice for Muslim athletes.

The brand also provides products for adults, children, and babies. Their store is located at Cinere Bellevue Mall. They are also members of the Better Business Bureau.

Medina Activewear also has a good reputation for offering products that are environmentally friendly. Many of their items are produced in a factory that uses eco-friendly materials. This ensures that their clothing does not contribute to environmental degradation.

One of the best features of the Diva Hijab is that it offers a hidden pocket. It also provides a few other impressive features, including snap clip closures and cooling technology.

Another great feature is the CoolDry Shawl, which is waterproof and wicks away sweat. Considering that a large number of Muslim women exercise, these items are a must-have. Lastly, the Veilgarments hijab is a technologically advanced item, featuring stitch-free fabric, low-wrinkle design, and ear holes.

While all of these items are certainly impressive, the best activewear for Muslim women is one that is marketed by a company that caters to the specific needs of Muslims. If you want to buy a modest workout outfit, you can visit Medina Activewear or boutique Nour Al Houda. Both offer flat rate shipping and delivery all over the world.

Sukoon Active

Sukoon Active is a Muslim entrepreneur's attempt to solve the problem of finding comfortable modest workout clothes for Muslims. The founder of the brand, Arshiya Kherani, is a fitness enthusiast and started the company to help Muslim women live active lives.

She originally set her goal to raise $10,000, but thanks to Kickstarter, her goal was boosted to $12,660. Now, she's looking to secure factory space by summer.

Sukoon Active products are made from natural, sustainable materials. Its products include long sleeve shirts, sporty hijabs, and other athletic gear. These products are all designed to fit Muslim women's body types. They provide great comfort and quality performance.

The hijabs are made from low-wrinkle fabric and are stitch-free. They're also breathable and sweat-wicking. Shirts and hajibs come in various colors. Their workout apparel is fitted and lightweight.

There's no way to stay fit without the right clothes. Whether you're jogging or doing a workout routine, a high-quality modest top is a must. You can wear it with sneakers, leggings, or wide track pants.

A sporty jacket is also available. It's made of quick-drying fabrics and offers full coverage. Meanwhile, sports headwraps have an invisible pocket for compact storage.

The company is also working on new designs. You can check out their Facebook page to see the latest.


Azya modest workout clothes are not only comfortable but stylish. The company has achieved a reputation for providing clothing that is functional, stylish and suited to a conservative Islamic setting.

There are many options out there for Muslim women looking to enhance their athletic and social fitness quotient. Nike, Dick's Sporting Goods and other major retailers carry pro hijab sportswear. Others, like Liawear and ASIYA sport, are gaining ground. These companies are aimed at helping Muslim women stay fit and fashionable while avoiding the temptation of slacking off in the name of moderation.

Some of the more interesting offerings from these manufacturers include the Veilgarments high tech hijab. This stitch free, low-wrinkle material adjusts to the wearer's body temperature and is waterproof. Other innovations include a cooling shawl that keeps the wearer cool while protecting them from harmful UV rays. It is also made from eco friendly fabrics that make it a worthwhile investment.

Other products from these brands include swimsuits, sporty jackets and tote bags. The company's swimwear boasts chlorine-resistant fabric and UPF 50+ certification. In addition to its impressive range of swimwear, it offers stylish two piece sets, swim hijabs and modest two piece swimsuits.

For those who are a little more on the fence, the company offers a range of modest, comfortable and fashion forward clothing, footwear and accessories. Some items are sold exclusively online while others can be found at a variety of retailers.


Many Muslim women have a hard time finding suitable workout clothes that are both comfortable and fit into their lifestyles. This is due to a lack of options. Fortunately, there are a few brands that have come up with products that are both functional and stylish.

While modest activewear isn't new, it's definitely catching on. The industry is in the midst of a renaissance thanks to the growing awareness of Muslim consumers. Moreover, major sportswear brands have started to pay attention to the needs of this demographic.

One brand that's been making waves in the modest workout clothes space is Veilgarments. They're a nifty little company that's putting out some high quality and high tech products. For instance, their CoolDry Shawl is waterproof and UV ray proof. Plus, it's the first of its kind!

There's also a company called Azya that has taken the modest sportswear game by storm. Not only does it make some of the best sporty hijabs in the game, but it also offers modestly priced, high-quality, and stylishly designed tops and bottoms.

Another is Mogradia, a brand that's made a name for itself with its trendy shirts, leggings, and tunics. In addition to offering a range of hijab friendly items, Mogradia's line includes stylish colours.

Haute Hijab

Haute Hijab is an online community of hijab-wearing Muslim women. With the mission of empowering hijab-wearing Muslims, Haute Hijab seeks to challenge stereotypes.

The brand's collection offers a variety of hijabs and sport wraps. It also provides styling tutorials. Recently, the brand branched out to paid ads on Facebook.

Haute Hijab has partnered with major retailers to expand its reach. Their first collaboration with Uniqlo, an iconic Japanese brand, has been a hit with Muslims. In 2017, the company will release the fifth season of its Hana Tajima collaboration line.

The brand's founder, Melanie Elturk, noticed the lack of options for hijabs for women. She decided to repurpose vintage scarves into hijabs.

In an effort to combat the societal stigma associated with wearing a hijab, the brand's collection launched a campaign called "Can't Ban Us." One of the campaign's goals was to create awareness of the plight of Muslim athletes.

One of the first models for Nike's Pro Hijab line was Manal Rostom. She competed in the New York City Marathon in 2017. Also, a weightlifter named Amna Al Haddad was featured in an online documentary by Nike.

As part of their "Can't Ban Us" campaign, Haute Hijab provided hijabs for photo shoots and advertisements featuring Muslim women. They have also released woven hijabs made from renewable bamboo.


Under-Rapt is a new modest sportswear brand that offers stylish and eco-friendly options to Muslim women. It combines fashion with high tech fabric to offer women the freedom of choice.

The idea of modest sportswear for Muslims was born out of Yasmin Sobeih's love of both Eastern and Western culture. She has a background in fashion buying and studied fashion merchandising at London College of Fashion. Now she is working to establish a presence in London and Dubai.

Under-Rapt products are created to meet all women's needs. They are made from soft and durable fabrics. In addition, they are designed to promote health and wellbeing. For example, they can be worn as a hair tie.

UNDER-RAPT is committed to being the first global ethical and sustainable modest sportswear brand. They are aiming to challenge the stereotypical views of Muslim women, while also promoting sustainable manufacturing and eco-friendly fashion.

The designs are based on street style and are inspired by sweaty hijab-clad girls working out. Among the collection are loungewear, workout wear and sporty jackets. These clothes are made from organic, eco-friendly fabrics, such as Tencel, which is a durable, water resistant and sweat resistant fabric.

The collection is designed to be layered for comfort and fashion. Several pieces have oversized, exaggerated lengths. Other pieces include a hood that can be worn as a secure cover.


Whether you're active or just want to stay fit, there are many brands available for modest workout clothes for Muslims. These Muslim brands are focused on designing stylish sportswear for Muslim women that fits their lifestyle. Using sustainable, high-quality materials, these brands are committed to providing women with high-quality products that will protect them while still looking good.

Nike, the world's largest athletic company, launched the Pro Hijab in 2017. This product is designed for Muslim female athletes. With a high-quality, stitch-free fabric, this hijab is breathable and keeps half of the wearer's hair out of the way while working out. It can be purchased at Nordstrom, Dick's Sporting Goods, and Macy's.

Veilgarments, a new modest sportswear brand, offers several options for Muslim women who want to be active. Featuring lightweight, breathable fabrics, these hijabs have a unique loop function for holding earphones, a pocket for storing small items, and a snap clip closure. They are a perfect option for workouts, and are made to last.

Another brand dedicated to creating sporty fashion for Muslim women is Loveaisyah. Their line of modest and sporty apparel includes abayas, skirts, and loose leggings. They have a wide range of styles to suit all body types. The clothing is also made with fast-drying, moisture-wicking fabrics.