Summer Outfits For Hijabis That Are Stylish and Modest

Are you searching for stylish yet modest summer outfits for hijabi women this year? Look no further. This article will showcase some of the best hijab-friendly summer looks you can wear this season.

Printed pants are an excellent way to add some flair and personality to your casual ensembles. Team them up with a basic tee shirt and colored hijab for an easy-to-style look you can take on the go.

Boat Neck Loose Top

No matter if you're Muslim or not, summer can be a sweltering heat wave. That is why it's important to dress smartly when the temperature rises.

Here are a few great outfits that will keep you looking fashionable and modest this summer. Start small by choosing items from this list for inspiration.

Boat Neck Loose Top

The boat neck loose top has been a classic style staple for decades. Team it with jeans or shorts to create an effortlessly chic ensemble that's always in fashion.

This top features a curved neckline that falls slightly higher than the rest of the shirt, creating an elongating silhouette. Plus, its long, loose sleeves ensure comfort and style throughout the day.

You can pair this top with skinny jeans or soft tencel shorts to create an effortlessly stylish yet comfortable outfit. Finish the look off by pairing your flats or sandals with either flats.

For a more formal appearance, pair this top with your favorite pencil skirt to create an ensemble sure to turn heads. Finish it off by adding an elegant handbag and you're set for an evening out with friends!

A loose boat neck top featuring horizontal stripes is the ideal choice for those seeking a casual yet sophisticated look. The stripes give off an old-world vibe, sure to turn heads wherever you go.

Print hijabs are another ideal option for those looking to keep cool during the summer months. Choose a scarf with vibrant colors and flowy materials like cotton, silk or chiffon to beat the heat while maintaining an elegant style.

You'll be delighted at how comfortable and stylish this look can be! Just be sure to wrap the scarf around your head in a way that conceals too much skin, or else you could end up looking like an uncomfortable mess!


Hijabis looking for fashionable, comfortable and modest summer outfits should look no further than outerwear. These pieces of clothing can instantly transform the style of any woman's ensemble and should be an essential component in their wardrobe.

Jackets are versatile outerwear items that can be paired with a variety of tops and dresses to create stylish yet modest ensembles. Perfect for any season, jackets can be styled to match different hijab types.

Hooded jackets have become a coveted fashion choice among hijabis worldwide, thanks to their comfort and chic style that can be dressed up or down depending on your day's needs.

Denim jackets are an essential item in every woman's wardrobe. Not only do they keep you cool and stylish in the summertime, but their versatility also allows you to keep warm without overheating.

When selecting a jacket for your outfit, consider the appropriate material for the season. It shouldn't be thick, clingy or too light. Furthermore, opt for long-sleeved garments so it won't feel hot against skin in summer heat.

If you're searching for the perfect jacket, we suggest visiting Sefamerve's online store. Here, they offer a vast selection of high-quality outerwear options designed specifically with Muslim women in mind.

Finding a jacket to suit your style and personality has never been simpler. This website offers thousands of fashionable choices in different colors and prints. You're sure to find something here that perfectly expresses who you are!

When heading out the door for work, traveling by car or on an airplane, a good jacket that keeps you warm and protected is essential. Hijabis especially prefer jackets that are breathable and lightweight for optimal comfort.

These jackets can be paired with any type of skirt to provide maximum comfort. Try pairing them with a tee shirt or blouse and simple hat for an effortlessly stylish outfit. They're suitable for any special occasion - from a night out on the town to spending time relaxing at a park with friends.

Baseball Caps

Baseball caps are a go-to summer outfit for Hijabi men, providing practicality with style. Pair them with a casual white top and neutral bag to run errands, or go all out in shorts and T-shirt at the beach.

Baseball caps are snug-fitting hats typically constructed of several panels of fabric stitched together to fit around the crown of a wearer's head. They feature an exposed brim at the front that keeps sunlight out of one's eyes for added protection from sun rays.

These come in a range of colors, some featuring team or league logos on the front. Not only are these popular with sports fans but also among military personnel and other professional organizations.

The snapback baseball cap is the most popular type, featuring a flat peak and structured design. They're popular among Major League players, hairy hipsters, as well as fashion-conscious men.

This style of cap also comes in adjustable options, such as strapback and snapback closures. Strapback caps use a strap at the back to adjust size, while snapback caps feature buttons that snap into place for secure attachment.

Another variation of the classic baseball hat is the dad cap, featuring a rounded brim and large embroidered logo. These caps come in various colors and have become especially popular among Millennials.

For a more relaxed style, opt for the trucker hat. These come in various styles with many designers adding unique details to the caps.

These vibrant accessories are an ideal way to jazz up a plain white T-shirt and jeans ensemble for running errands or meeting friends. Additionally, they look great when enjoying some outdoor fun at the beach or beer garden on hot days.

When wearing a baseball cap with your hijab, make sure it's not too large for the scarf to fit over. Otherwise, it could create an unnecessary distraction.

Turtleneck Top

Turtleneck tops are an ideal way to stay warm without looking bulky. Crafted from soft fabrics, these sweaters come in an array of colors and can be worn alone or layered with another sweater or jacket for warmth. Plus, they go great with jeans or skirts too - making them a versatile wardrobe essential that can be worn all year long!

Turtlenecks are an ideal choice for hijabi women who want to stay warm and stylish at the same time. They come in a range of colors and styles, making them easy to mix-and-match with other outfits.

Turtleneck t-shirts in light or dark colored lace can add an eye-catching flair to your ensemble. Accessorize with a nice necklace and earrings to match the lace, as well as wearing plain hijab to complete the ensemble.

If you're looking to wear a turtleneck in the summertime, opt for one made of lightweight materials such as silk or cotton. These types of shirts are ideal due to their lightness and breathability in hot climates.

The great thing about turtlenecks is that they're comfortable, so you won't have to worry about them being too tight. Additionally, they won't feel scratchy or itchy either, which is ideal for many people.

Turtlenecks come in an array of colors and patterns, from floral prints to black. Pair it with black skirt or pants for a more conservative style or pair it with a printed top and skirt for an upbeat summer ensemble.

For a daring style, try wearing a turtleneck in an animal print such as leopard or zebra. Make sure your bottoms match the print, and you're set!

If you plan to spend a lot of time outdoors, invest in a wide brim sun hat. Not only will this keep you cool and prevent sunburns, but it will also ensure that you look stunning while staying protected from the elements.