Under the Hijab How to Choose the Perfect Underscarf

Under the Hijab - How to Choose the Perfect Underscarf

An underscarf is a base layer that holds your hijab or scarf securely in place. Not only does it prevent hair from falling out, but it also ensures that the scarf or shawl is taken in correctly.

Underscarves come in a range of styles, such as shirred, tie back, crossed, bow and more.


No matter your style or preference, you can find an endless variety of underscarves on the market. Some are made from cotton, others from polyester and some even stretchy!

There are a wide variety of styles to choose from; some plain, beaded, sequined or studded; while others feature prints and patterns. Some scarves can be layered with other scarves for added warmth while others can stand alone as fashion statements.

For the hijab to have a neat and draping appearance, it must be made from lightweight and breathable fabric. This helps it stay put without slipperiness while providing more comfort. Chiffon is one popular fabric choice for hijabs; however, it can be slippery and difficult to keep secure.

Fabrics come in many varieties, such as woven, synthetic and knitted materials. Woven fabric tends to be softer and breathable while knitted fabrics offer greater flexibility.

Fabric choice is critical when selecting a scarf, as it will determine its quality and feel against your skin. Silk is ideal for high-quality garments as it adds an elegant touch that's also soft and comfortable; silk-blend satin feels smooth and delicate to touch.

A full underscarf is the ideal type of underscarf to wear under your hijab for maximum head and neck coverage. It helps conceal hairlines and ears while still allowing some visibility through the scarf.

Some full underscarves feature a lace peak, while others feature criss cross or contrast colored peaks. If possible, choose a style with the peak that complements your hijab to ensure the underscarf fits seamlessly.

Other underscarves to consider are a bonnet hat or tie back bonnet cap. Although these tend to be more costly than their cheaper counterparts, these may offer greater convenience if you need your hair out of the way while wearing hijab.


An attractive hijab requires the perfect underscarf. Choose one that flatters your face shape, shapes your body type and looks great with any outfit. Additionally, it helps keep your hair in place and shields it from external elements.

The Classic Wrap is the most popular style of Under the Hijab, as it's simple to tie, looks elegant and comes in various patterns to match any outfit.

For a more intricate style, try the trendy layered style. To achieve this, pin both sides of your hijab under your chin with regular or magnetic pins that don't poke holes through the scarf. Afterwards, wrap the longer side around your head and drape it over the shoulder where it originally stopped.

Hijab can be an excellent way to add volume and dimension, helping balance out a square face or long neck by lengthening its profile and giving it more defined jawlines.

To guarantee your scarf stays put, double-check its back with a mirror and tilt your head from side to side. Doing this helps you prevent any unsightly creases or wrinkles in its fabric.

If your face is round, be careful not to tie your scarf too tightly as this can accentuate its curves and make it appear even rounder. To achieve a flatter effect on your face, wrap the scarf loosely and fanning it over your chest for an elongating effect.

Another way to soften a round face is by wearing an expansive cotton scarf draped over your head and hanging loose on either side. This will hide any bulging cheeks and give off a more refined appearance for your facial features.

The Tucked-In style is a timeless classic look perfect for work, formal meetings or an evening out. Its sophisticated aesthetic yet has plenty of personality, making it the ideal option for women on the go!


Selecting the ideal underscarf for your hijab is essential in creating a polished and professional appearance. Whether you prefer something classic and chic or something funky and daring, selecting the perfect color can make all the difference in how you feel and appear.

When selecting the ideal color for you, take into account your skin tone. For fair-skinned individuals, neutrals such as white, cream and beige work best; on the other hand, those with medium to dark complexions should look towards brighter hues.

Coral is an ideal color for women with fair skin as it's both soothing and invigorating, enhancing your complexion's beauty.

You can wear this vibrant and playful shade with your everyday wardrobe or for an evening out on the town. Team it with a basic white or black top, jeans and shoes for an effortlessly stylish look that's sure to turn heads wherever you go.

Dark blue is a timeless choice for all skin tones and can add depth to your style. Other colors like cranberry, hunter green or raspberry will bring out the best features in you and complete your appearance.

When selecting colors, opt for something neutral like black and white - two timeless classics that will never go out of style. For added flair, try wearing a black-and-white scarf with an interesting pattern on it.

Grey is the ideal mid-tone, as it's a neutral that pairs well with many hues. Try pairing your ripple pleated chiffon hijab with soft pastels, slate grey georgette hijab with all white outfits or grey ribbed jersey hijab for a more sophisticated ensemble.

Make your scarf even more eye-catching by pairing it with a tube underscarf. Simply slip on the tube underscarf first, followed by your lace underscarf for an elegant yet casual ensemble.

The underscarf can be worn with a variety of outfits and even beneath wrap or turban for extra warmth and slipperiness. Just be mindful to steer clear of fabrics which are too hot or slippery, such as silk and cotton.


For the best underscarf for your money, opt for one made of breathable and lightweight fabric. This will keep you cool and dry throughout the day without compromising modesty. Furthermore, it keeps hair in place and prevents it from sliding around while walking or running. Choose from various materials and styles to find the ideal hijab.

Underscarves aren't just for hiding your locks; they also help you dress up your outfit with ease. While many hijabi shoppers opt for a plain black or grey scarf, there are more complex designs in various colors and patterns that will help you stand out from the competition. Some even come with multi-functional features so you can wear your hijab in various ways - like under your hair or under your arms! For many, the future lies in reversible scarves which allow you to switch it up from day to night or vice versa.