Amani's Abayas - Luxurious and Fashionable Abaya Collection

The Islamic clothing industry is expanding at an incredible rate. Women from around the globe are starting to don abayas that are stylish and make them look amazing.

Some women are even choosing to wear abayas that open in front, which has helped them feel more at ease wearing their garments outside the house.


Amanis Abayas' Luxurious and Fashionable Abaya Collection offers an extensive selection of fabrics to choose from. Fabric selection makes all the difference when it comes to finding an abaya that feels comfortable while looking stunning.

Most of our Abayas are cotton, which is a popular choice among Muslim women due to its comfort and lightweight feel. Plus, cotton is easy to wash and comes in an array of colours - making it the ideal fabric choice!

Another popular abaya fabric option is satin. Crafted from silk worms, this luxurious material has an elegant look and feels lightweight and delicate - ideal for wearing with evening gowns or dresses.

Nidha is a popular abaya fabric choice due to its softness and elegance. Plus, it's easy to wash so you can use it for everyday wear or special occasions alike.

Crepe fabric makes for a lightweight abaya fabric but can be very clingy against your skin, so it's essential to choose one that fits properly on the body. To determine if it's the right type of crepe for you, feel it closely; if it feels tight around you or does not let any air pass through then it likely isn't ideal.

Linen is a popular abaya fabric made from the fibers of the flax plant. Not only is it soft and breathable, but its material also makes it ideal for summer weather conditions.

This fabric is stretchy and perfect for slim fit Abayas as it doesn't crease as easily as other materials do. Additionally, it's very easy to wash and will maintain its color if not washed regularly.


The abaya is the ideal Islamic clothing piece for women who want to look fashionable yet remain modest. This long-sleeved gown typically comes in black with embellishments or embroidery all over.

Amani's Abayas offers an exquisite collection of luxurious and fashionable abayas to choose from, all available in various colors and materials to suit any taste. Not only that, but these garments are incredibly comfortable - you're sure to love wearing them!

Popular abaya styles include the open bay and cat wali. The open bay abaya style is sleeveless and features an open front design. This modern garment can be paired with many different outfits to give off a great look.

If you're searching for a more conservative abaya, the shahwar kameez abaya is the perfect option. This long abaya falls to the ankles and looks elegant enough to wear on either warm summer days or cool evenings.

Another popular style of abaya is the sleeveless abaya. This garment can be paired with many different outfits and it's very comfortable to wear. For more formal occasions, you may pair this abaya with a dress.

These abayas are easy to maintain and perfect for women who want to wear them regularly. Crafted with premium materials, you can rest assured knowing these garments will last a long time.

Amanis Abayas offers an array of fashionable abayas that can be paired with anything. Dress them up for an elegant look or pair them with jeans and a top for something more casual.

These abayas can also be paired with a hijab to create an elegant Muslim fashion look. This will enable you to show off your beautiful hair while remaining modest at the same time Zadina.


Amani's Abayas offers an extensive selection of Luxurious and Fashionable Abayas to choose from, featuring intricate designs as well as flowing fabrics in a range of sizes. Not only that, but these abayas also come in an array of colors and styles perfect for special events or parties - perfect for women of all ages and shapes!

Abayas come in a range of fabrics and styles designed to flatter women's body types. They can also be adorned with embellishments like Swarovski crystals, beads or more for an added touch. Abayas can also be tailored to fit a woman's curves using the belt feature; plus they're comfortable to put on making them must-haves in any woman's closet!

Amanis offers an impressive range of modest fashion items, such as headbands, scarves, bags and more. Plus they've collaborated with other fashion brands to create a collection of modest dresses suitable for women of all sizes! Check out some of our favourite picks below - be sure to keep an eye out for their latest autumn/winter collection too! Happy shopping! InshaAllah! The best abayas are those which make you feel your best!


Amani's Abayas' Luxurious and Fashionable Abaya Collection offers a broad selection of ladies abayas and modest wear, from simple styles to cutting edge looks. Established in 2014 with the mission to showcase the newest modest fashion globally, the brand quickly outgrew its small studio space and opened an outlet on high street where customers could get access to stylish clothing at great prices.

They offer an extensive selection of ladies abayas and modest apparel, including traditional abayas, floor bays, long bays, hip abayas and jubbas. Furthermore, they have open abayas in various styles, fabrics and colours to suit everyone's taste. Furthermore, they even carry children's abayas for young mothers who want their little ones dressed in stylish abayas.

If you're in search of a cozy winter collection, Linaziada has just what you need. Their thicker-material open abayas are perfect for colder climates as they use both cotton and polyester blends for maximum comfort. Plus, their neutral shades make them easy to pair with other clothing items for an effortlessly stylish look.

Modanisa is known for their classic summer dresses and tops, but they also offer a selection of loose abayas that you can layer up with to stay warm this season. Their abayas come in an array of colours, and Modanisa even offers some stylish cuffed coats to keep you cozy while maintaining the desired aesthetic.