Choosing a Long Hijab For Prayer

Traditional designs

Hijabs, a traditional garment for Muslim women, are available in many different styles and designs. There are several factors to consider when choosing a hijab, including how you will wear it and which colors you prefer. While some women are more conservative, others will choose a modern look. If you are considering wearing a traditional hijab, here are a few tips on how to make it fit your personality and lifestyle.

The most common type of hijab is a turban. It is a long cape-like veil that wraps around the head. Historically, it was meant to keep unrelated men away from a woman's face. Nowadays, however, it is more popular among younger Muslims. Many young women will choose a style that has a little more volume, and will wear their hijab in a variety of ways.

Another type of hijab is a shawl. This garment is made from light fabrics. There are various types of shawls, such as the Esarp, a silk square scarf. Several Muslim women prefer to wear shawls in the same color as their hair. You can also find shawls in a variety of patterns. Depending on your preference, you can use a shawl as a scarf, a hair wrap, or a headband. Some shawls come in a variety of patterns, from simple to elaborate.

A two-piece prayer dress is a fast way to wear a hijab. These dresses are usually unlined and are made from patterned fabric. They can be very beautiful and attractive. In addition, the top part of the dress is usually designed to cover the shoulders and hips, and can be tied under the chin. To add a little more flair, you can also choose a hijab dress with a tie in the side. Most of these dresses can be easily worn in both formal and informal settings.

Abayas, which are basically knee length pajamas, are also popular. Those who prefer a more elegant look can opt for a traditional kaftan. These are typically made of cotton and can come in various colors and designs. However, there are also more contemporary kaftans. For example, you can choose a white, green, or black abaya. Usually, the abaya is worn in both casual and formal settings. Other styles of abaya include the hooded type.

Finally, a dupatta is another popular option. Traditionally, a dupatta is made from a light material, but now you can find them in various designs, including shiny metals. Often, a dupatta is beautifully embroidered on the edges. Usually, it can be purchased with a matching hijab, but you can also purchase it separately.

If you are looking for a long hijab for prayer, it is important to choose a style that will fit your needs and your lifestyle. Besides, if you do not have a particular style in mind, you can always take a trip to the nearest mosque and try on a few options. That will give you a good idea of what to wear. Keep in mind that a long hijab for prayer will always look best if it is made from a supple material.