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What is Abaya?

Abaya are garments like dresses that Muslim women wear on top of regular clothing. The purpose of wearing an abaya is to completely coer oneself so not to expose the shape of the body or beauty as islam instructs women to guard their beauty.

What is a closed abaya?

A closed front abaya is a abaya that you put on over the head. No snaps.

What is an open abaya?

A open front abaya is a snap closure right down the center front all the way to the ankle.

What is Dubai Internet Crepe?

Dubai crepe internet is the number 1 material used for abayas in Dubai as well as other gulf countries. It’s popular because of its crisp tailored look and its durability.

What is Saloon?

Saloon is our super lux material we offer in our high end Abayas. Salana is softer version of the ouluwa Saudi crepe.

What is Neda?

Neda is a silky-soft material similar in feel to chiffon without being transparent like chiffon.

Which Fabric is Better?

We use different fabrics for all of our abaya designs.The 3 fabrics listed are not superior to another, but rather we use them because it suits the abaya best. We use the best quality fabrics available, each having their own unique characteristics.

What is an Amani's A-line cut Abaya?

Our A-line cut abaya is the shape of an abaya from the shoulders down to the hem in the letter A shape. The abaya narrow on top, wide at the hem. This shape gives a very clean and elegant look. Slimming but yet still hides the womens shape around the hips.


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