Hijabs - What Are the Most Popular Hijabs?

If you are planning on buying a new hijab, there are a few things you need to know. It is important to look for a style that suits you best, as well as one that can be easily removed for a more active life. Also, you should check if the materials used for the hijab are made from natural fibers, or if the fabric is embroidered or laced. This will help you avoid the risk of a hijab becoming stained or soiled.


Indonesian hijab styles have gained global recognition. As a Muslim nation, Indonesian women are expected to wear a hijab. Whether for religious or personal reasons, hijab fashion is very popular in the country.

The Indonesian hijab style is very unique. It is a great way to express your identity while still looking stylish. You can wear it with a special outfit or just to make a comfortable daily look.

Hijabs are usually fastened around the head with two strings. The most common hijab is a white circular cover. Some hijabs are also patterned. They may have floral designs on them.

According to Saba Mahmood, an anthropologist from Egypt, the main reason for hijab wearing in Indonesia is religious identity. Women also wear it for comfort and security.

Although hijab is mandatory in certain parts of Indonesia, it is not required for other parts. But the increasing popularity of the Indonesian hijab has made some people uneasy. In May, a panel of the Supreme Court cancelled a dress code that required female civil servants to wear a headcloth under their collars.

However, some Muslim women choose to wear a hijab because of political or social reasons. This includes Inaya Wahid, the daughter of former president Abdurrahman Wahid. She believes in an inclusive brand of Islam.

Puteri Hasannah Karunia, a fashion blogger, has also started to wear hijab. She is one of the generation of young Muslim women known as hijabers.

The Hijabers Community is a community of Indonesian Muslims that wants to change the image of the hijab. Founded in 2010, the community has branches in major cities. Besides working to promote modern hijab, the community also accommodates hijab-related activities.


Pashmina hijab is one of the most popular styles of hijabs. This type of head covering is made from natural fibers. It is a great thermal insulator and keeps you warm. The silky feel it gives is also very comfortable.

You can wear pashminas with different types of clothing. They are breathable and can be worn in the summer. Some women even use pashminas as a wrap.

If you're looking for a style that can be worn all year long, then you may want to try the Pashmina Hijab. It is easy to tie and comes in different colours.

If you want to make your hijab stand out from the rest, then you should look for a color that matches your complexion. For example, a yellow scarf can be paired with a yellow skirt for a striking effect. On the other hand, a neutral colour can work well with all kinds of different outfits.

Choosing the right pashmina can be a tricky process. There are many factors you should consider. First of all, the fabric should be lightweight. Also, you should choose colors that are complementary to your skin tone.

You can also opt for a solid black scarf. However, it's better to pick a scarf with a subtle pattern. You can also accessorize with a colored brooch.

Many hijab ladies have started to experiment with new styles. They've taken inspiration from fashion bloggers and have incorporated some new elements into their look.

Pashmina hijab style is becoming a hit among the younger generation. This type of hijab can be easily pulled off and can help you achieve a classy and chic look.


A great way to add a touch of sparkle and texture to your look is to buy an embroidered hijab. This type of clothing item is often embellished with beads and jewels, creating a beautiful and festive look for any occasion.

Embroidered hijab styles come in a variety of shapes and sizes. The designs can be simple or elaborate. Embroidered hijabs can be worn with a variety of different types of clothes. They can also make the perfect gift for a special occasion.

You can also find a variety of embroidered hijabs that are perfect for the wedding season. These hijabs feature pearls, sequins, and beading for a truly unique look.

Another style of embroidered hijab that is popular is the "neck wrap" style. It features a hijab that is wrapped around your neck. This style is great for wearing with a turtleneck or high collar top.

If you are looking for an intricately embroidered hijab, you might want to try the Kashmiri embroidery style. These hijabs are handwoven by skilled artisans from Kashmir.

For a more streamlined look, you can opt for the pleated hijab. These hijabs are made from cotton material and are very popular over casual wear.

For the perfect drape, choose a satin or chiffon. Satin and chiffon are both elegant fabrics that have a natural flowing effect. However, if you prefer a more refined look, you can select a plain satin hijab in grey or silver.

A simple full hijab style is also popular. This style is usually worn by women on a regular basis. It has a black cotton body with crochet borders.


The latest trendsetter hijab styles are not just for the ladies of a certain age, but are also for the more modern day woman. While many people assume that the hijab is an impractical accessory to wear, it has recently become more stylish and accessible. Whether you are dressing for the office or an evening out on the town, the hijab has a place in your wardrobe.

The modern trendsetter hijab style is an effective way to make a statement without feeling suffocated by the fabric. Designed to add volume to your face, it's a nice change of pace from a traditional headscarf. To get this look, you can go for a sleek hijab or a voluminous style.

The latest trendsetter hijab style features an understated yet sophisticated design. It entails wearing a simple but elegant floral top and trousers. You can spruce it up with a bold statement blazer and some white sneakers.

Another trick is to use a cloak or wrapper to create a look that is not only smart, but also modest. Taking the time to select a quality item can be a major step in establishing your image as a fashionable Muslim woman.

The modern trendsetter hijab fashion statement is best displayed with the right accessories. One example is a brooch, which is a savvy way to incorporate a touch of glam into your looks. For a sophisticated look, opt for a luxury abaya with crystal embellishments on the hemline or flute sleeves. Pair it with a minimalist clutch bag to finish off the look.

In the context of hijab, the most sophisticated fashion statement may not be the most practical or the most effective. Luckily, there are a number of companies that offer quality and stylish designs to suit any occasion. If you are looking for something to wear for the office, or to a night out with the girls, check out the latest styles from Zuhre or Tekbir.


Professional hijab styles are perfect for office wear. They are easy to put together, and they look great with structured garments. You can choose from a variety of stylish accessories to make your look even more professional.

If you want to give your look a more formal feel, consider a blazer. Whether you choose black, white, or nude, a blazer is an important piece of any woman's wardrobe. It can be worn with everything from jeans to a suit. To get the most from your blazer, ensure it's the right shade.

For a more casual look, pair your hijab with jeans. Denim looks great with any shirt, and it's an easy way to add a little flair to your outfit.

For a classic style, try wearing an all-white suit. White is an elegant and modest choice for work or casual occasions.

Another office-appropriate outfit is a long dress with a blazer. While a blazer provides added protection, the longer length of the dress keeps your hijab from looking too clumpy. The puffed sleeves on a shirt or skirt can also help you cover up your hijab.

A simple and chic tuck-in style is a professional option. This style is particularly ideal for women with square faces. Essentially, it's a tucked-in triangle that folds over your face. Secure the triangle with a pin under your neck.

Another professional option is a bow-style hijab. A bow-shaped hijab can be tied in the front or at the back. This gives the illusion of effortless elegance. Tuck in both sides of the bow for a more polished look.

For an alternative, voluminous trendsetter styles can add a natural touch of elegance to your look. These styles are perfect for cool autumn days.