Ordering Custom Abayas Online

If you are interested in ordering a custom abaya, you will want to know how to provide accurate measurements for your purchase. Remember, "a picture is worth a thousand words" and make sure you provide exact measurements. This will help you get the perfect fit. You will also want to provide an accurate color and fabric preference. Keeping these factors in mind, ordering custom abayas online will be an easy process. 

Linking Fashion with Culture

There are a number of factors to consider when ordering custom abayas online, from the style to the material. You should make sure to choose the appropriate fabric and design for your body type and preferences. Some abayas are more suitable for women with large busts, while others are more appropriate for women with smaller busts.

In addition to being a traditional garment, the abaya is also a fashionable fashion statement. Young women are beginning to experiment with new designs and embellishments, blending them with traditional clothing. This is an attempt to re-invent tradition while maintaining a connection to culture. The purpose of wearing the abaya has also been manipulated, shifting from a concealing garment to a haute couture garment that reveals beauty and sexuality.

Ordering tailor-made Abayas Online

If you want your Abaya to fit perfectly, you can get one made for yourself through a tailor. In the UK, this is called bespoke clothing. You can also order your Abaya online. This will allow you to have it made to your specifications, including size and fabric recommendations.

When you order online, you can use various payment methods such as COD (Cash on Delivery) and credit/debit card payments. It is also important to choose a website that allows you to pay via COD. However, not all sites offer this option. Check the website's payment options and use them wisely.

Abayas come in various lengths and styles. For example, you can find floor-length and long-sleeved styles. Some even have a detachable hood. This makes it easier to pick the right style depending on the weather. You can even choose a style that accentuates your figure.

When choosing a fabric for your Abaya, choose a material that suits your skin tone. If you have fair skin, choose a fabric with a lighter color that will make you look slimmer. This will keep your Abaya from feeling heavy and suffocated.

Whether you are ordering for yourself or a loved one, ordering online allows you to choose the style, fit, and color. You can also choose the type of embellishments and other details. There are numerous options online to choose from when ordering an Abaya. You can also choose to have it tailored for any occasion.

Provide accurate measurements

If you want to order a custom abaya, the first thing you need to do is to provide accurate measurements. The length of an abaya should be about seven inches (20 cm) shorter than the wearer's height. A tape measure can help you determine the proper length. Start by measuring the fullest part of your chest, then measure straight across your back.