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Recognition Rewards Points

It's all quite simple really; every time a person shops with Amani’s we would reward them with Amani’s Reward Points which is often exchanged for money off your future orders.

Amani’s Reward Points are automatically put into your online account each and every time you shop with Amani’s or use your unique referral code to recommend anyone to Amani’s. These points could be exchanged online at anytime and allows you to get even more money off Amani’s purchases.


There are two methods to earn Amani’s Reward Points:

  1. Points for loyalty - you earn points each and every time you spend using Amani’s.
  2. Points for referrals/recommendations - you earn points each time you recommend a new customer to Amani’s using your unique AB Referral Code. You must ensure that the referred customers enter your referral code when they REGISTER in order to earn your Reward Points.

How can I spend my Reward Points?

You can spend your AB Reward Points anytime for any purchase from our website. To check your current balance for AB Reward Points, simply:

  1. Log into your Amani’s account.
  2. On the left hand side of your screen under My Orders you will see Your Reward Point option.
  3. Then select the 'My Reward Points' tab.This will now display a complete breakdown of how you have earned your current points, as well as your overall total points available to spend.

When you would like to redeem your points, follow these steps:

  1. Send us an email to let us know you would like to redeem your collected points.
  2. Within 24hours we will convert your points into a discount voucher and email you the code to use at checkout. If you need the voucher sooner than 24 hours please give us a call during opening hours.
  3. Your points will be then deducted from your account once you have placed your order using the voucher.


For every £1 spent with Amani’s, you will earn 1 AB Reward Point. Each point is worth a penny, so in the event you spend £100 on your order, you would earn 100 Reward Points which will then turn into £1 off a future purchase.

Once you register an account with Amani’s you are automatically given a distinctive AB Referral Code. Log into your account to discover what your AB referral code is.

For each and every new customer you recommend to Amani’s, you acquire 5 Reward Points for every pound they spend on their initial order. For instance, if you recommend someone who spends £60 on their first purchase, we'll give you a massive 300 points! The more people you recommend to Amani’s, the greater your points will rack up, meaning much more savings available for you.

In order for us to monitor who you recommend, it is important that you insist that they input your unique AB code when they register. Whenever they do this, they'll also obtain extra points bonus on their first purchase, so both you and as well as your friend will benefit.

Terms & Conditions

  • All reward points are going to be valid for 18 months from the date on which they had been issued.
  • There isn't any limit, the more you spend and recommend, the more reward you accumulate.
  • Only a single voucher can be used at checkout so please make sure you convert the correct number of collected points.
  • Vouchers can only be used at checkout and can't be used on the phone or store purchases.
  • Only a single account can be created for each customer and also in addition to any abuse of this is purely against Amani’s principles.
  • We possess a very technical customer tracking application and any kind of fraudulent usage of the programme can lead to the deletion of all related accounts and removal of all reward points.
  • We possess the right to remove any reward points or vouchers at anytime without notice.


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