The History of the UK Abaya - A Symbol of Style and Modesty

The abaya, a traditional black robe-like garment, has become a go-to among Muslim women for religious ceremonies and special events. Over the last two decades, this iconic symbol of style and modesty has gained widespread acceptance.

In some Gulf nations, the abaya has become a means to express both western culture and style while also showing religious devotion. According to Trainer's descriptions, we see an increasing number of university students sporting fashionable abayas that incorporate western designer accessories and clothes underneath.


If you're in the UK and looking to stand out from your peers, investing in a trendy open abaya could be just the thing! Not only will these pieces add an elegant and modern touch to any outfit, they look chic no matter where you go!

Abayas come in an array of designs at many different stores. If you're searching for quality, well-made garments at an affordable price point, there are a few online shops you should check out. These merchants may be located worldwide but often provide lower shipping fees than other retailers.

Immeh Abayas is an online outlet based in the UK that offers an impressive selection of abayas suitable for any special occasion. They carry both designer and hijabi styles as well as shaylahs and other Islamic clothing accessories to complete your abaya order.

The abaya has transformed from its traditional role as a cover-up to something modern Muslim women now prefer. Some designers have even taken an avant-garde approach with embroidery designs inspired by western fashions.

Alim, co-founder of Aab, notes that this shift has provided a platform for modest fashion to become more mainstream globally. According to him, this has been a mutually beneficial relationship for both the industry and mainstream brands alike.

Modest fashion enthusiasts have welcomed this trend as an opportunity to show their support for the community. As a result, modest-style companies have seen success and expanded their market share.

Furthermore, the growing acceptance of modest fashion has contributed to creating a more diverse clothing market in the UK. This has given Muslim fashion designers and influencers an opportunity to fill gaps they've noticed in the market by using social media for exposure and launching online stores.


Abayas have long been seen as a symbol of style and modesty in the Middle East. Many Muslim women don them as part of their identity, but they also serve as everyday clothing in this region.

Styles of Abaya vary in both style and design. Traditional Abayas boast bright colors, patterns, embellishments; while modern versions use lightweight fabrics for a free-flowing silhouette. Some even feature embroidery or beaded work for added detail.

The UK Abaya is often worn alongside other modest elements like a hijab to create an elegant yet contemporary aesthetic. It can be paired with either skirt or dress and works great as wedding attire or other special occasions.

Traditional abayas were made from silk or other lightweight fabric and covered the entire body. They were typically loose fitting, able to be layered over other clothes for extra coverage around the neck or hair.

They were traditionally worn for religious ceremonies and traditional dress, but over time they became more fashionable. Combining western clothing with delicate fabrics like lace or other embellishments made them a popular choice among women in the UAE.

By the 1990s, abaya style had become mainstream fashion. Designers began experimenting with colored shaylas and other materials to craft high-end pieces suitable for various events. Some even created couture abayas adorned with sequins and jewel pieces on velvet fabric.

Today, abayas are seen as a sign of style and sophistication, with many fashion-conscious consumers seeking out innovation and quality. Often made from luxurious fabrics with an awareness of global and environmental changes, these garments reflect contemporary sensibilities.

For a chic take on your abaya wardrobe, try light blue for an eye-catching neutral that is not too attention-seeking but still exciting. Team it with whites, blacks and beiges (or other typical neutrals) to add some zesty color to your OOTDs.

Abayas have become a ubiquitous part of UAE fashion and culture in the Gulf region. Many abaya stores in the UAE are labeled "high fashion," featuring strong influences from Western styles.


The UK abaya is crafted with premium fabrics like nida, crepe and satin that will remain stylish and comfortable over time.

Nida is an exceptional fabric that blends the comfort of chiffon with the durability of cotton. It has a twisted weave for an attractive textured appearance and doesn't crease as easily as other fabrics do, making it perfect for creating sleeker looking abaya designs.

Crepe fabric is ideal for creating slim fit abayas, as it's not as thick and heavy as other materials. Plus, it's very soft and breathable - meaning you won't feel sweaty under it!

Satin fabric is another ideal option for silky smooth abayas, as it has more density than chiffon and therefore won't stretch under pressure as easily. Plus, satins are easy to clean so they make lasting garments.

Before making a purchase, do your due diligence and research the fabrics available. Take into account your personal tastes and lifestyle as well as your budget when doing this so that you can find the ideal abaya for you.

The UK offers abayas in various styles, sizes and designs. This versatile piece of clothing can be worn for work or play, making it the perfect addition to any outfit. Women of all ages and backgrounds have been known to rock an abaya at some point or another! Finding the perfect abaya will help you stand out from others while showcasing your personality in new light.


In the early 1970s, Arab nations faced a backlash against secular, Western-style dress. This led to an evolution toward more modest garments such as the abaya and shayla; these became symbols of style and modesty in the Middle East; women were encouraged to wear them publicly.

The abaya is a traditional black garment that covers the body. Often made of silk or other light fabrics, these garments come in various styles. Many abayas feature piping or embroidery around the front edges and along the seam of sleeves and cuffs, sometimes embellished with golden metal braids (qasab) and tassels.

In the UK, there is a vast selection of abayas to choose from. Some feature delicate embroidery while others boast solid colors. You can purchase these garments from online abaya shops as well as local malls or boutiques across the country.

In recent years, abayas in the UK have grown increasingly popular. Many designers are reinventing traditional abayas to create modern pieces with flattering silhouettes and fitted sleeves that allow women to more easily navigate daily life while still looking modest.

Some abayas have been embellished with intricate embroidery and crystal embellishments. These designs can be highly detailed, adding an elegant touch to the garment's overall appearance.

Another trend is to adorn an abaya with iron-on rhinestones or sequins. These are often seen on black abayas, but can also be found in other hues.

Embroidery and embellishments can add a luxurious touch to an abaya, but they may also be quite costly. Care should be taken when selecting these elements; poorly executed embroidery or oddly spaced crystals can ruin the aesthetic of an abaya.

Designers are increasingly experimenting with fabrics, styles and colors to make the UK abaya more fashionable and stylish. Some abayas are made from lighter fabrics such as chiffon or silk which allow the skin to breathe easily while providing comfort; others feature heavier yet durable materials that can be worn during colder weather conditions. Some even contain woolen or cashmere blends for a high-end feel.