Top Hijab Trends on Instagram

Top Hijab Trends on Instagram

If you are into the hijab trend, then you need to keep up with the latest fashions and style trends. This is possible with the help of Instagram. Several Muslim women have gained a lot of popularity on the social media platform and have been able to make their mark. Among these are Leena Asad, Chinutay, Leah Vernon, Hadha Ana, Omaya Zein, and Bia Alina.

Leena Asad

It's no secret that Instagram has made modest fashion a trend, as well as a hot button issue. Companies like Ann Taylor and Tommy Hilfiger have launched campaigns featuring Muslim influencers. Many of these women have a substantial following on Instagram. They also have business deals with fashion companies. And their influencer status has led to a spate of fashion blogs promoting hijab-inspired styles.

But there are also plenty of Muslim women who are making their own style statements. For example, Leena Asad of Tyler, Texas, has a YouTube channel and has been collaborating with Ann Taylor to promote modest styles. She has also been featured in one of the company's ads.

In addition to being an Instagram star, she has a blog, which she updates regularly. Her style is very feminine, incorporating soft colors and neutral tones. She wears an ankle-length abaya, which she pairs with an array of colors.

Aside from her Instagram account, Asad has also teamed up with Ann Taylor to promote the brand's modest clothing lines. In the past, she has also been featured on fashion blogs for her stylish style.

Another Instagram star worth mentioning is Haneefah Adam, or Hijarbie as he's more commonly known. His Instagram page was conceived as a response to the mainstream adoption of modest fashion. The account boasts 1.3 million followers and has been viewed more than 2 million times.

Omaya Zein

Omaya Zein's hijab trend on Instagram has been noticed by a number of fashionistas. She has shown her followers how to combine different outfits to look beautiful. As an expert on styling hijab, she has created a variety of videos that can be found on her YouTube channel. These videos focus on fashion, makeup, and more.

The 32-year-old Venezuelan - Palestinian Muslim has been in the social media industry for many years. She has over one million followers on Instagram and has been featured in several articles on fashion and beauty.

A lot of her content is about travel, fashion, and lifestyle. Some of her videos cover the latest hijab trends and tutorials on tying a turban. Her taste in pairing colors and pieces is very well-developed.

Another Instagram influencer that makes use of the social networking platform is Summer Albarcha. This blogger has over 541K followers and posts new fashion tips on a daily basis. One of her latest videos includes a tutorial on how to tie a turban.

Another Instagram influencer who focuses on fashion is Ruba Zai. She is a mom and social media consultant. Ruba has over 416K subscribers on her youtube channel and runs an Instagram page called HijabHills.

Amena Khaan is another Instagram and YouTube influencer who is popular for her comfortable and stylish fashion choices. The British-based blogger has over 410K subscribers and has a website that focuses on modesty.

Leah Vernon

Leah Vernon's hijab trend on Instagram is not the only way she's making her mark on the internet. Her fashion blog, Beauty and the Muse, has also gained a substantial following. The social media star aims to bring an inclusive message to the world by spreading her own positive content.

In fact, she's devoted her life to being a content creator, a model, and a public speaker. She's a Muslim feminist and activist who has made it her mission to help others achieve their goals.

As a ten-year-old, Vernon lived on the poverty line and with an absent father. She married a man a decade her senior, but the marriage fell apart after he was unable to provide financial support. It was a period that made her think about her life, and the things that have shaped it.

What made her take a leap of faith and start a fashion blog? She has since grown her following to over 62 thousand people.

The blog combines beauty and fashion with a touch of positivity. You'll see photos of her dancing in her city, and she incorporates spoken word poetry into her video.

Among her followers are several U.S.-based Muslims who use their fashion expertise to create a positive impact on society. They include a fashion student, an author, a body-positive advocate, and a public speaker.


The beauty vlogger Manal Chinutay is a Canadian beauty blogger and mother who has a very impressive fan base. She has over 368K subscribers on her YouTube channel and has become known for her makeup tutorials. Her Instagram feed has a lifestyle aspect to it and shares her travel diaries, fashion tips, and skincare advice.

Another beauty vlogger who has gained a large following is Sabinahannan, who has 577k followers on Instagram. Her posts are full of makeup tutorials, fashion advice, and decor inspiration.

Another top vlogger is Omaya Zein, a popular blogger and YouTuber. Her posts usually involve travel, but her videos also have tips on making the most of the turban, and even a few on hijab.

The social media influencer Ruba Zai is also a fashion and beauty blogger, who has over 1.1 million Instagram followers. She has gained praise for her styling skills, and uses neutral palettes and vintage-inspired details.

Other vloggers to watch are Hodan Yusuf, who has over 200k followers on Instagram. He offers make up inspiration and different styles of head wraps.

There are many other vloggers who have made it big on Instagram. These are just a few of the biggest names. They have huge audiences, and they help to reclaim the narrative of Muslim women in pop culture.

In her posts, Rianne keeps up with the latest trends, and often paints art on her face. Often she wears black and muted colors. But she also mixes luxe textures with classic pieces.

Hadha Ana

Instagram is the social networking platform that has changed the way hijabis look at fashion. It allows you to take a closer look at your favorite bloggers and celebrities. Fortunately, there are plenty of fashion-savvy Instagram hijab accounts to follow! Here are ten of the most popular.

The first name to come to mind is Ramsha Sultan. This Muslim fashion blogger has a huge following of over two hundred eighty thousand people. She is known for her beautiful hijabs and her Islamic knowledge.

Another famous Muslim woman is Ascia Al Faraj. She is half of the blog The Hybrids. Her style is eclectic and she often pairs prints.

Another Muslim influencer is Sahar Foad. This artist and mother of two posts about her life. And she wears the hijab with pride. She also has an impressive makeup skills.

There are other popular Instagram fashion bloggers, such as Anisa Stoffel. These are all Indo-Arabs and they share their thoughts on street-wear with the hijab. They also have a love of Nike.

Another fashion blogger is Chinutay. This Canadian vlogger has gained a large following through her lifestyle vlogs and hijab styling tips. She has a variety of chic and edgy outfits.

Another Instagram fashion blogger is Melanie Elturk. A fashion and makeup blogger, she has almost five hundred thousand followers on the social networking site. Her hijabs are colorful and stylish.