UK Abaya Shopping Guide - Where to Buy and What to Look For

Are you a UK-based Muslim woman searching for the best place to purchase an abaya online? Look no further - this guide will show you the top UK outlets and what qualities to look out for when shopping.

Traditional abayas were made from black fabric; however, nowadays they come in an array of colors and designs. Some even feature sequins, beads and other decorations for added decoration.

Amani’s Boutique

The UK is an excellent destination to shop for modest fashions, such as abayas. They come in an array of colours, styles and sizes so you're sure to find one that suits you perfectly. Plus, these practical garments can double as both an abaya and dress!

The abaya style is becoming increasingly popular with women around the world. These garments often come in muted colours with subtle designs and embellishments, often paired with skirts or tops to give off a relaxed yet sophisticated appearance.

Another trending style is the maxi away, made in an elegant and classy fabric. It makes a perfect choice for any special occasion.

In the UK, there are numerous styles of abaya to choose from and they all vary in price. While some styles are quite expensive, others provide greater affordability.

Abayas are an essential item of a Muslim woman's wardrobe and can be worn for any special occasion. Some are incredibly long, covering the woman's entire body - perfect for weddings and parties when she wants to look her best.

Amani's Boutique is a London-based abaya UK outlet that stocks an extensive range of Islamic clothing and accessories. Their inventory includes abayas, jilbabs, kaftans and more as well as jackets, polka dot dresses and kids wear options.

They offer a referral reward program, where you can earn discounts and promotions by referring your friends to their site. This makes shopping for abayas more budget friendly, as well as an excellent way to introduce your friends to Islamic fashion.

Amani's offers an expansive selection of abayas and hijabs online, unlike many other abaya shops. Their collection features various shapes and styles as well as the latest looks from reliable designers.

They offer an expansive collection of kaftans, perfect for everyday wear. Choose from various colors and styles - they're all stylishly coordinated! Plus, they have plenty of matching shawls and scarves to complete the set perfectly.

Immeh Abayas

Due to the abundance of online retailers selling abayas, many British Muslims find it difficult to select the best place for purchasing. That is why the UK Abaya Shopping Guide is such an invaluable asset for discerning Muslim shoppers.

In conclusion, The UK Abaya Shopping Guide can guide you in the right direction and save you hours of internet searching. From selecting the ideal abaya to understanding what qualities to look for when comparing abayas from different online stores, you'll learn all about where to purchase quality Islamic clothing at reasonable prices.

Immeh Abayas has been around for some time and is regarded as one of the top UK abaya brands. Their stylish abayas come in various colors and styles, made with quality fabrics such as silk, cotton and Nida; not to mention they provide free delivery to most parts of the country - making them an absolute pleasure to do business with! For these prices they really can't be beat; not only that but their customer service team also stands out amongst all others!

Fareeha’s Boutique

When shopping for a modest outfit, an abaya is an essential wardrobe must-have. This centuries-old garment can drape freely around the body to conceal women from head to toe and is highly versatile enough to wear for various special occasions.

Abayas offer a great choice of colors and designs to fit your style preferences. From black abayas to vibrant and sharp hues, you can find something suitable for everyone's wardrobe. Plus, for an even classier look, consider purchasing an abaya with embroidery or stone work on it for added beauty.

In addition to abayas, this online store also carries an impressive selection of Muslim clothing items and accessories. Their range of abaya hijabs, kefiyahs and shoulder bags are definitely worth exploring. Furthermore, they carry stylish hats and scarves to match whatever dress you choose.

As the name implies, this UK-based outlet specializes in abayas and other Islamic wear items that are both practical and stylish. They carry the latest designer abayas as well as classic batwing models. Plus they carry an impressive selection of hats and scarves guaranteed to get you noticed among Muslims worldwide.

When purchasing an abaya, it's important to look for quality materials at a price point you can afford. Furthermore, make sure the fabric lasts and is breathable; this will prevent overheating or sweating.

Abaya Shop

When shopping for abayas online in the UK, it's essential to find an abaya shop with a range of styles and fabrics. These stores can serve as great sources of inspiration and help you locate the ideal abaya for your requirements. Furthermore, make sure the website is secure.

When looking to purchase an abaya online, it's wise to contact the shop first and inquire when it will be back in stock. Doing this helps avoid ordering the wrong size and guarantees your garment fits perfectly!

Ideally, the abaya should be long enough to cover your legs completely. A short abaya will leave exposed leg skin which can be uncomfortable.

To determine the proper length for your abaya, measure your height using a tape measure. This will enable you to pick an accurate size when purchasing your garment.

Be sure that the abaya fits securely around your bust and hips. If not, consider ordering one size up from what typically fits.

A suitable abaya should be 3 to 4 inches / 7.5 to 10 cm larger than your actual body measurements around the bust and hips. This will give you a flattering fit and ensure comfort throughout the day.

When shopping for an abaya, make sure it's made from breathable and moisture-wicking fabric. Cotton or linen are the best choices here as these natural fibers breathe easily and dry quickly - helping keep you cool in summer heat.

Georgette fabric is often used for abayas due to its silk-like texture. This lightweight material comes in many shades and designs and is easy to hand wash; plus, it comes in all sizes.

When selecting an abaya, make sure it's made from high-quality fabric that will last. Doing so saves money and gives you peace of mind knowing your abaya will always look perfect.