Where to Buy Islamic Prayer Rug

buy islamic prayer rug

When it comes to purchasing a prayer rug, you'll need to make sure you're buying from a reputable online vendor. This way, you'll be guaranteed to get the best product possible.


If you're looking for an excellent gift for Muslims, consider purchasing a Modefa Islamic Prayer Rug. This rug is a great quality for a salah mat and will be useful for years to come.

The Modefa Islamic Prayer Rug is available in a variety of designs, so there is sure to be one that is perfect for the recipient. It is made from a soft velvet material that is thicker than the average janamaz. In addition, it has shimmer, which adds a touch of bling to the design.

This Modefa rug is also protected by Binge authentication, which ensures that you're getting a genuine product. As you would expect, it is a high-quality item that is in its original packaging.

In the Muslim community, prayer rugs are a major ritual item. Not only are they used to make prayer more comfortable, they are also used to ensure that the space is clean and tidy.

Historically, they've been made using hand looms, but today they are machine-made. Many weavers use soft foam underlay to prevent wear and tear, and to ensure that the rug remains comfortable for the wearer.

Prayer rugs are usually made in villages within communities that use them. They can take months to finish, but they are worth the wait. These rugs have beautiful borders and are decorated with traditional values.

The Modefa Islamic Prayer Rug makes a perfect present for Muslim men and women. Whether it's for a Ramadan celebration or an Eid party, it's the perfect gift.

Aside from prayer rugs, Modefa also offers a variety of other products for Muslim households. For example, they offer plush velvet prayer rugs, thin woven prayer mats, and even child prayer rugs.

There's nothing like performing a salah on a Modefa Islamic Prayer Rug, and it will certainly enhance your experience. You'll be surprised at how comfortable and smooth it feels. Additionally, the plush velvet material gives it a luxurious feel.

While it isn't necessary for Muslims to have a prayer rug, it does provide them with a sacred space. They're also used as a way to isolate worshipers from the rest of the room.

Yase Crafts

The Yase Crafts Muslim Prayer Rug is a quality product with a variety of great features. It is made in Turkey using the highest quality materials. This makes it perfect for personal use or sharing with friends and family.

The Islamic prayer rug is a great way to express your faith. You can choose from a wide selection of beautiful colors, patterns, and designs. These rugs are an essential part of the Muslim faith. They are also a wonderful way to decorate your home.

Aside from being comfortable, a quality prayer rug can help you perform prayers with ease. When selecting a rug, consider the size, style, and material. Check for a quality manufacturer, and make sure to select a seller with a good return policy.

For instance, the Modefa Velvet Prayer Rug is made of plush velvet and offers a smooth surface for your prayers. Other great features include a money-back guarantee and special shapes.

However, a prayer rug with a thin design is not recommended for hard floors. Rather, its lightweight design makes it easy to store. Also, its sober pattern and thick padding provide excellent support and cushioning.

In addition to its quality, the Modefa Velvet Prayer Mat also offers a money-back guarantee and is an ideal gift for Muslims. There are four different styles to choose from, including a square, a rectangle, a diamond, and a heart.

Besides its excellent design, the Sajda Prayer Rug also boasts a great visual appeal. This rug is available in a size of 48 inches by 30 inches. Its woven designs and a non-slip backing make it safe to use.

Although there are many prayer rugs available, it is important to purchase a high-quality one. A good quality rug will last for years to come. Select a reputable seller to avoid headaches down the road. Make sure to read reviews before you buy.

The best prayer rug for your home is one that is soft, comfortable, and easy to clean. These rugs can be rolled up and used between prayers. If you are unsure about a specific style, a good seller can recommend an appropriate rug for your needs.


A prayer rug is an essential accessory for every Muslim household. They can be made of a variety of materials such as velvet woven or satin. The prayer rug is generally used to perform prayers, so it should be crafted of high-quality materials. Typically, these rugs are made of cotton, silk, or wool.

Prayer mats are usually decorated with geometric patterns and Islamic symbols. Images of holy places, mosques, and holy buildings are often shown on these rugs.

Some religious symbols and images are prohibited on Islamic prayer mats. For instance, drawing animate objects such as birds, snakes, or other creatures is also forbidden. However, decorations can have a deep meaning in different cultures.

These rugs can be made of various materials, including cotton, silk, and satin. They are typically rolled up after each prayer. Housewives use washing machines to clean these rugs.

Some rugs have silvery thread, which can be used as a decorative element. Generally, the size of the rug is large enough for a person to kneel at the base of the rug. Depending on the worshipper's height, the size of the rug may vary.

These rugs are also made to be portable, which makes them perfect for praying on the go. Portable rugs are also ideal gifts. In addition, they come with prayer beads and a travel pouch. This type of rug is incredibly durable and is able to be cleaned and maintained easily.

These rugs can be made from a variety of materials, including animal skins, silk, and satin. The designs on prayer rugs are usually geometric or rectangular, and they feature images of Islamic architecture or landmarks. Often, these rugs show a niche on the top of the rug, which is the directional point toward Mecca.

A prayer rug is a symbol of purity. As such, it should be taken care of in a sacred manner. It should be cleaned and maintained regularly.

If you would like to buy an Islamic prayer rug, it's a good idea to look for a quality product that can last for a long time. There are many choices available, and some of the best-selling prayer rugs can be purchased for as little as $360.

Mosque qibla replicas

The qibla is a sign of unity. It is the direction that all Muslims turn toward. This is the way that they are worshiping the One Supreme God. All of us, regardless of whether we are Muslims or not, should be praying towards the same qibla. In fact, there is even a tradition of wishing one another a happy qibla. Qibla is not only a direction, but it also signifies unity, brotherhood, and faith.

A replica of the Noble Quran is a popular tourist attraction. Thousands of Muslims visit the replica every day. A replica of the Quran is often considered a sacred relic, which may be viewed in a public area or a private home. These replicas are especially popular with Muslims because they are a symbol of their religion. If you want to view a replica of the Quran, you can do so at the Quran Museum in Delhi. Many mosques also have replicas of the Quran, including the Masjid al-Qiblatayn in Medina, Syria.

Another popular mosque qibla replica is the Ghogha mosque in Istanbul, Turkey. This mosque has been built in the 14th century, and it was copied by a number of other mosques in the region. Today, the Ghogha mosque has a board that warns visitors not to damage the building. Originally, the interiors of the arcades and the qibla were covered in glass and marble mosaic. However, in 1931, the qibla changed, and half of the mosque's roof was destroyed. Eventually, the mosque was abandoned. But it was rebuilt and expanded by King Abdul Aziz, who constructed a fence around the mosque and a minaret.

Although the original qibla wall of the Ghogha mosque is smashed, there are still a few fragments left. These include the Kaaba, which is draped in a black cover. In addition, the qibla wall is engraved with Islamic embellishments. There are also footprints that were found in the tomb of Sultan Abdul Hamid I. The mosque has also been restored and reconstructed in clay brick style in 2003.