What Are the Different Types of Abaya and Hijab?

What are the different types of abaya and hijab

The type of abaya and hijab you wear depends on the region you live in. If you live in Dubai or other countries in the Middle East, you will probably opt for abayas that have the Arab touch. But if you live in North America or Europe, you can choose to wear a more Western abaya, which is made from denim or other fabrics. In fact, you can also choose from a variety of abayas that combine both styles.

Denim abaya

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Monochrome abaya

If you are a Muslim lady on a budget, then the Monochrome abaya could be the ticket of choice. It's the most stylish dress in town. The trick is to find an abaya with the right amount of stretch. Thankfully, the folks at the Muslim fashion emporium have it covered. For a mere $26.98, you can be on your way to a more polished look. Whether you're in the market for a new abaya or a dress up suit, the Monochrome abaya has you covered. Aside from being affordable, the abaya is also a breeze to maintain. The cotton fabric is easily laundered, while the abaya itself is breathable and will keep you cool no matter what the weather is like. Regardless of the weather, you're sure to look your best when sporting this abaya.

Dubai style abaya

Abayas are essential garments for the Muslim woman. They are a modest garment made of woolen fabric. It is also a great piece to wear during special occasions and during Ramadan. The Abaya is available in different colours and designs.

Dubai style abayas are unique and stylish. This type of abaya is characterized by fancy embroidery, sequin work, glittery stones, and thread work. These abayas are very popular among the women of the UAE.

Abayas from Dubai are very comfortable to wear. Since they are made from woolen material, they are very breathable and do not make a person uncomfortable even on hot summer days. Moreover, they can be worn in winters with thick stuffs. Moreover, these abayas can be machine washed and ironed.

There are several brands in the market. Some of them include Effa Fashion, Hessa Falasi, Almotahajiba, Saufeeya Goodson, Hanayen, and Nuna Atelier.

Hessa Falasi is a well known Emirati fashion house that specializes in abayas, evening dresses, and morning attire. The brand offers a variety of abaya styles, from formal to casual to party. Besides, the brand also manufactures kids clothes. Similarly, Saufeeya Goodson has abaya collections that are stylish, comfortable, and modest.

Dubai style abayas offer a modern take on Islamic attire. You can buy these abayas in the leading malls of the UAE.

Besides, abayas from Dubai Fashion Week are available for sale online. These are categorized into classic abayas, wedding abayas, and evening wear. Most of these abayas ship free of charge. So, you can get them delivered at your doorstep.

These brands provide abayas in different colours and designs. Some of them even have mobile apps for ios and android.

Combination abaya and hijab

Many ladies choose to wear abaya and hijab together to give a unique look. These two garments help Muslims in establishing a connection with the Almighty. They also provide modesty to women.

Abayas come in many different styles. Most women prefer chiffon and silk fabrics. However, they are also available in other types of fabrics. In addition, they can be made of different colors.

Printed abayas are a huge hit. This is because printed clothing offers designs that are impossible to achieve by craftwork. Moreover, printed abayas can be matched with a matching hijab.

Earlier, women preferred black colored abayas. However, there are new colors and designs that are breaking through the classic black barrier. One of the trends is pastel shades. Another is digital prints.

Printed abayas can be worn with funky clips and laces to add more pizazz to the look. The latest hijab styles also feature chic and fine cuts.

When choosing abayas, one should keep in mind that the style must suit their body shape. To do this, one must consider the fabric type, the sleeves, the neckline, and the hem.

Among the most fashionable abayas are the open front designs. This makes the abaya extremely comfortable to wear. Other styles of abayas include the Maxi Abaya. Unlike a typical night gown, these abayas have frills on the bottom.

If you're looking for an abaya with the best design, you should check out the collection from Beyza. Their online boutique offers a wide variety of abaya models.

Beyza's collection is perfect for the modern woman and the traditional girl alike. Choose the most suitable abaya that suits your personality.

Abaya outfit ideas

If you want to look good while wearing your abaya, there are some different outfit ideas to choose from. These are designed to suit every taste and need. They can help you make a great impression and enhance your beauty.

Abayas are an important part of a Muslim woman's clothing. Many fashion designers are incorporating abayas into their collections. The designs are diverse and include a variety of shapes. Besides, the fabrics are exquisite.

An abaya can be worn with a headband or a head scarf to add extra sparks. For instance, a plain silk scarf can be used to complement a long maxi dress and a high waist belt. This combination is perfect for both everyday wear and evening events.

Another style to consider is a layered abaya. This is a design that has loose sleeves. This style can also be embellished with sequins or pearls. It is best paired with a beautiful hijab.

Printed abayas are always lovely. You can find floral abayas for birthday parties, polka dot abayas for office wear, and more.

Frock style abayas are a popular choice. These abayas are very flowy and often come with a belt. Some may even have sequins or gems. To complete the look, you can accessorize with a handbag or a necklace.

Another popular look is an abaya with sneakers. This is a trend that has gained popularity with many leading Muslim fashionistas. While it is not a compulsory look, it can definitely improve your appearance.

Another way to add sparkle to your abaya is to wear it with statement sleeves. This can be a lace sleeve or a ruffled sleeve.